How I Quadrupled My Income By Speaking My Truth

mbg Contributor By Raquel Vasallo
mbg Contributor
Raquel Vasallo is an international speaker, spiritual advisor, and author of Spiritual Seductress: The High-Powered Women’s Guide to Devour the World Through Spiritual Guidance.

I talk to so many intuitive and spiritual women who are not earning what they are worth or doing what they love. They feel stuck. Why? Often because they are hiding part of who they are to the world around them. In my words, they haven't yet come out of the "spiritual closet." This is very painful place to be in, even if it is not totally conscious.

Understanding how different parts of yourself are intricately related is essential. Learning to do so transformed my life and my business, so I want to share that with you how you can have this transformation, too.

I was a spiritual healer before I became a coach. The reason I trained as a coach was because I realized I needed more concrete tools to teach the women I worked with. I wanted to help them move forward into living their purpose and to get paid for it!

But I have to admit: I also became a double certified coach because although I was previously an Ivy League architect, the transition to a spiritual healer felt scary and I wanted to have more credibility. And while I continue to use all of my training, I know that I got these certifications to compensate for what I was hiding: my intuitive gifts and my innate ability to help empower women.

I see so many women play small in the way that I did. Rather than powerfully owning their talents and pricing their services accordingly, they think they need more training, a better website, more Facebook "likes," you name it. But what many of them are missing is being authentic, coming out of the spiritual closet and have a marketing message that reflects who they really are.

So how do you come out of the spiritual closet? Coming out is about not hiding anything anymore.

I know it because I've been there. At my most uncomfortable moment, I received a message from a stranger that changed my life: "Hiding your gifts doesn't serve you or anybody else." So I made a commitment to change. I started calling myself a Spiritual Teacher. It was that simple. But soon I realized it wasn't about the label, it was about owning my gifts. The moment I stepped into my bigger potential and spoke from that authentic place, clients starting pouring in like a waterfall because I was finally communicating with right people.

When you speak your truth, you become a magnet. That is how I quadrupled my business.

Here are some tips for you to start living your true purpose and earn what you deserve:

1. Have a coming out party.

If you are not talking about or sharing your spiritual and intuitive gifts you are forgetting that this is not about you. Your talents are a gift that was given to you and your gift is to share them. So celebrate who you are and have your coming out of the Spiritual Closet Party because people need you!

2. Overcome the fear of what others might think of you.

Your family and friends want the best for you and that can only happen if you are being the Real You. Your clients only want the Real You as well. Write a letter to a particular person or to a group of people and tell them who you truly are and how you want to live your life. You can deliver it or use the letter for a ritual of empowerment.

3. Understand your value. Then set your worth.

Write about the unique outcome and transformation that your clients get from working with you (or what they would get if you are starting your business). How much would you pay for that kind of transformation? Set your dollar amount.

4. Work with a mentor.

A mentor won't just take you to the next level, the right mentor can help you make a quantum leap. It's not just about speaking your truth, it's about coming into your power and making your unique contribution to the world while you create the lifestyle that you deserve.

Are you ready to get out there, be fearless and have your true self shine? Set up a complimentary clarity session. I'd love to talk to you!

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