10 Tips To Improve Your Morning In 5 Minutes Or Less

You've probably heard about the importance of setting a morning routine. Morning routines set your days up for success, plus you get to enjoy the long-term benefits of implementing good habits daily.

The only problem is, it can be hard to set the perfect routine for YOU. You have to make sure it's something that will feel good, benefit you, and is something you'll actually stick with.

That said, here are 10 different five-minute boosters that you can try out. See which ones work the best for you.

These boosters are adapted from my newest book:

1. Get rid of something.

There are all kinds of things taking up space in your psyche that you can delete. Take five minutes to get rid of something each day.

Some things you can get rid of are old voice mails, pictures from your phone, emails, expired food, clothes you don't wear, old wire hangers, trash, items on your hard drive, computer bookmarks, newsletters you don't like any more, old makeup, apps on your phone, contacts on your phone, books you'll never read again, and old receipts or papers.

2. Have a standing five-minute call with a friend.

Many of us don't have time to connect with our friends like we used to. Have a regular five-minute call when you and a friend get to spend two and a half minutes each sharing what's going on. Set a timer if necessary.

This can be something you do every day, every other day, or once a week. And if you desire, you can do it with multiple friends.

3. Spark your creativity.

You can roll either Story Cubes (dice that have multiple pictures of nouns on every side) or write out random nouns that you put in a hat. Every morning, roll three dice or draw three new words. Come up with stories that incorporate every word that came up.

This exercise is fun, boosts your creativity, and is also something you can do with children.

4. Create a list of reasons to be grateful.

Gratitude increases your happiness, reminds you of all of the great things in life, increases optimism, improves self-esteem, reduces feelings of envy, and just makes you feel happier.

5. Track your money in and money out from the day before.

Even if you have a consistent income, tracking what you're spending on a daily basis can be very eye-opening.

You might start to notice where you're mindlessly spending, or you might end up celebrating your habits.

6. Do something kind for your partner.

Ask yourself what would make your partner happy, then do it.

Maybe you have a dry-erase board where you write a new reason why you love them down every day, or you make them a smoothie, or put a towel in the dryer so they have something nice and toasty when they come out of the shower.

7. Break down overwhelming tasks.

If something's overwhelming you, it's because it hasn't been broken down enough. Take tasks you want to accomplish and simplify them to the easiest levels possible.

8. Create agendas.

If you have any meetings or phone calls on a given day, take a few minutes to set up agendas. When you can clearly tell people what the focus of a meeting will be, there will be less time for mindless chatter, and increased efficiency.

9. Bag up some snacks for the day.

Some ideas of things you can have on hand so you don't get caught with hunger later: fruit, a baggie of almonds, carrots, celery, portable peanut butter or almond butter packs, healthy snack bars, or hard boiled eggs.

10. Read a guilty-pleasure magazine or website.

Take a few minutes to read something that lights you up, even if it does absolutely nothing for your productivity. Read a gossip magazine, go on a fun website, or do anything that makes you feel really good — no matter what other people might think.

I hope this helps you -- now go out there and make your mornings a little better!

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