#1 Mistake People Make In Trying To Figure Out Their Purpose

You're tired of working hard for someone else's dream. So you sit at your computer for hours on end daydreaming about what life would be like if you could wake up when you wanted, nap when you wanted, or take a walk outside on a beautiful spring day. Or you’re clicking every link you can find in hopes it will help you find a way to escape your reality.

You try to figure out what you could do if you finally left. You brainstorm. You rack your brain and list all the things you’re good at, that you know about, that you’re passionate about.

Then you hit the fear that says: I can’t make any money doing any of those things.

And you stop. You give up. And you go back to your day job.

I get it. That used to be me. I sat in a grey cubicle as a corporate finance analyst, and I was completely unfulfilled. Most of the time I was working like crazy, but sometimes my brain just wouldn't work and so I'd daydream about how it would be to do something cool and interesting and be my own boss. At night when I got home, I'd sit on the internet searching for other jobs, courses, degree programs, or travel adventures. I kept trying to figure out what I really wanted to do. That question haunted me.

Back then, I didn't know that I was making the most common mistake all of us make when we're searching for our purpose. I was trying to think my way to it.

The thing is, your unique purpose in the world can’t be figured out with your overactive, thinking mind. It’s not something to be figured out. Your mind isn’t designed to know your soul’s purpose. Your mind is designed to help you take action on achieving your dreams once you know where you’re going. But first you must get to the heart of it.

Your purpose lives in your heart. It emerges from your heart. And when it emerges from your heart, you get chills. And that’s the sign from the Universe that you’re on the right track. Then the worries about how it will make money subside. They don’t go away, but they lessen.

Because you just know what you HAVE to do, no matter what.

You have a mission, a passion, a purpose to share with the world. And when you live in alignment with that mission, the Universe conspires to support you on all levels. You will attract abundance just because you’re living in the high vibrational feeling tone of your best self.

So, stop thinking and trying to figure it out.

Relax. Take a yoga class. Travel to a beautiful location. Start drumming or singing. Live in the feeling tone of your perfect life right now!

The idea, your passion and purpose, will come like a huge beautiful ocean wave and you won’t be able to miss it.

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