5 Healing Foods That Changed My Life

Founder of The Local Rose By Shiva Rose
Founder of The Local Rose
Shiva Rose is an actress, writer, activist, and blogger for her website The Local Rose. She has her bachelor’s in world arts from the University of California, Los Angeles, and lives near the Santa Monica mountains with her two daughters.

After the birth of my first daughter, I was exhausted. This wasn’t the usual exhaustion or depletion that occurs after giving birth. At 25 years old, I was a young mother and should not have been suffering from the lethargy, dark circles, and constant pain in my joints and bones. I was eventually diagnosed with a combination of three auto-immune conditions, a cocktail basically, consisting of lupus, rheumatoid arthritis and scleroderma.

I was actually blessed that there were three minor issues rather than one full-blown one, but it was still a life threatening situation that caused me great physical pain. Years after my diagnosis, I'm completely in remission and feel better than ever. What led to this complete transformation in health?

It wasn’t the series of steroids, and anti-inflammatory medications that doctors were prescribing. It wasn’t all the therapy I did to understand why I was "allergic" to my immune system. What helped me get on the road to health was an elimination of wheat, adding healthy fats, and more protein. I was a strict vegetarian for over 26 years, for moral and ethical reasons, and I can say now that without a doubt this had been poisoning my body, health and hormonal endocrine system. I'm still mostly a vegetarian, but I do eat some grass-fed beef once every few months medicinally. That and making sure my diet is 100% organic, and filled with healthy fats, and lots of mineral rich greens has brought me the kind of vitality and health I always yearned for in my 20s and 30s. The five foods that really helped me heal are:


Avocados are anti-inflammatory, and contain healthy fats like oleic acid, omega fatty acids and antioxidants. They also promote blood sugar regulation.


Coconut oil

Coconut oil contains vitamin E, antibacterial properties, and healthy fats for skin and hair health.

Nut butters

Nut butters like almond and walnut butters rich in protein, B vitamins, calcium, minerals, omega-3s and more.

Leafy greens

Greens like kale, spinach and nettles are the most concentrated form of nutrition. They're rich in minerals, and vitamins like K, C and E.

Grass-fed beef or bone broth

Meat or broth from bison, taken medicinally, contains omega-3s and vitamin E.

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