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8 Things You Need To Know Today (October 30, 2017)

All the wellness news you need to know today, including Monsanto's new weed killer, a woman who was lost at sea, and the future of health care.

Gretchen Lidicker
October 30 2017

The Meditation Tools You Need To Stick To Your Practice No Matter What

These on-the-go meditation tools will help you stick to your practice on even the craziest days.

Emily Fletcher
October 27 2017

Ditch Your Music For A Better Workout? Here's How

Instead of your trusty music playlist, why not try audiobooks on your next trail run? You'll help expand your mind while moving your body.

October 20 2017

7 Things You Need To Know Today (October 9, 2017)

All the wellness news you need to know today, including farmers market fibbers, edible food wrappers, and where to live if you want to be happy.

Lindsay Kellner
October 9 2017

The Future of Fitness Tech

The wellness tech entrepreneurs behind the Halo Neuroscience headset and FocusMotion tracker talk about the technology that will change the way we...

September 16 2017

A PhD On Why Movement Is Her Cure-All

We all have challenges; it's how you face them that matters.

Shauna Harrison
September 11 2017

This Yogi Is Getting Real About What An Anxiety Attack Actually Looks Like

"My day was spent trying to breathe through anxiety attacks and quiet a mind that had found itself in a dark place."

Leigh Weingus
September 8 2017

Why The Future Of Fitness Is All About Inclusivity

Fitness technology is on the rise.

Leigh Weingus
September 8 2017

The New Technology That Could Curb Your Anxiety

Wear this to your next job interview.

Gretchen Lidicker
September 5 2017

3 Ways To Get The Most Out Of Your Workout

Whether you sweat it out on the yoga mat or literally climb mountains, working toward your peak performance will empower you to reach new heights in...

August 31 2017

What This Celebrity Trainer Says To Anyone Who Needs Major Workout Inspiration

This trainer's philosophy? Faith, family, friends, and working hard.

Todd McCullough
August 31 2017

Unlock Your Body's Potential With These Innovative Diet Optimization Tools

If you want to break through stagnant energy in your life, you need to upgrade what you eat and drink

August 31 2017