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How To Improve Your Sex Drive Using Only Your Breath

Unleash your full sexual potential by tapping into your spiritual side.

Yogi Cameron
May 13 2016

4 Steps To A Happy Monday Morning Commute (Yes, Really)

Reframe your experiences so they become more positive: Being in a crowd is a way to feel connected to others sharing your experience.

Peggy Neu
May 2 2016

A Navy SEAL's Secret To Feeling Calm & Alert Anytime, Anywhere

These three breathing exercises will completely change your physical and mental state.

Mark Divine
April 15 2016

The Incredible Alternative To Mindfulness Meditation You Probably Haven't Tried

Your meditator friends either look like they could smile through a sandstorm or are so neurotically self-aware that they drive you nuts with their...

Dr. Emma Seppälä
April 15 2016

The Fastest Way To Shut Down A Panic Attack—Anytime, Anywhere

Here's how to make your breath work for you when you're about to have a full-on freakout.

Dr. Leslie Carr
March 30 2016

Breath Awareness Might Be The Ultimate Source Of Wisdom: 4 Ways To Tap Into It

Life doesn’t come with a “road map,” so to speak. But we get clues along the way, by external signs, mental responses, and physical cues. The Greek...

Linda Carroll, M.S.
March 21 2016

Yes, You CAN Create Your Own Happiness. Here's How

Practical ways to actively create more joy in your life.

Emma Bathie
March 18 2016

This Breathing Exercise Will Calm You Down In 60 Seconds

Changing the way you breathe is the fastest way to change how you feel.

Ashley Neese
March 4 2016

5 Breathing Exercises To Increase Focus

Yogic breathing helps you reconnect to your body and shift your awareness away from the chatter in your mind.

Lauren Eckstrom
February 18 2016

Improve Your Mind-Body Connection With These 7 Easy Steps

We've forgotten how to balance work and social media with our time for exercise, family, spiritual practices, or just plain fun. It's time to make...

Steve Sisgold
February 17 2016

Watsu: What It Is + Why You Should Add It To Your Wellness Routine

Watsu is a gentle massage performed in a shallow body of water. Massage will never be the same again.

Joanne Fedler
February 3 2016

An Easy Breathing Exercise To Help You Curb Cravings

Breathing exercises can be way to help you deal with stress, anxiety, and yes — even cravings. Though, if you've never tried it before, it might seem...

Aili Kuutan
January 27 2016

The Easiest Way To De-stress & Calm Anxiety In 5 Minutes: A Doctor Explains

Breathing is, fortunately, usually second nature. However, when we get flustered, our breath becomes short and shallow — and stress has nowhere to go...

Frank Lipman, M.D.
December 27 2015

I Sat In A Room Full Of Salt In The Name Of Beauty

Given the option, I'll take salty over sweet any day. I routinely over-salt my cooking, have been scolded by my mother for salting food at a...

Allie White
September 21 2015