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Pauline Hanuise

Homemade Goji Berry Juice (Takes 5 Mins To Make!)

Goji berries are a powerful superfood, full of antioxidants and vitamins.

Pauline Hanuise
January 13 2014

The Ultimate Green Juice (It's Full Of Goodness!)

This recipe is full of goodness and a great way to start juicing.

Pauline Hanuise
January 2 2014

Raw & Vegan Superfood Dark Chocolate (Oh Yes!)

This treat is not only super easy-and quick to make, but it's also totally delicious and super healthy.

Pauline Hanuise
December 20 2013

Raw, Sugar-Free Chocolate Mousse

It could actually make a perfect chocolate smoothie as well.

Pauline Hanuise
December 5 2013

Vegan Chocolate & Almond Butter Fudge (Takes 5 Mins To Make!)

This recipe is not only delicious and decadent but it's also good for you and super simple! It only takes five minutes to prepare and you only need...

Pauline Hanuise
November 18 2013

Start Your Weekend Right With This Vegan Chocolate Smoothie!

This smoothie will take five minutes to make and will fill you up with great energy.

Pauline Hanuise
November 2 2013