Natasha Chawla

Natasha is a designer and writer by profession and a creative by nature who completed a BSc in Business and Economics at London Guildhall Business School and an MA in Fashion Marketing at the London College of Fashion in 2006.

First introduced to Vedanta in 2006 through philosophy classes, she has been a student of Eastern philosophy for over a decade and practicing yoga since 2008. A qualified yoga teacher (RYT200 Shivananda and RYT200 Vinyasa yoga with Stewart Gilchrist) and practitioner, her studies of philosophy and Asana have taken her across 12 states of India. She endeavors to bring these teachings and tradition into philosophy workshops, asana classes, writings, and creative projects.

Her current writing project is on inspiration—a project on inspiration inspired by inspiration!—where the primary research is interviews with a range of inspired and inspiring thought leaders and innovators of the time.

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