Kayleen St. John, M.S., R.D.

Kayleen St. John, M.S., R.D., is the Executive Director of Nutrition and Strategic Development at Euphebe.

As a registered dietitian with a deep-rooted love for food, she is passionate about sharing a simplified method for approaching culinary nutrition, and demystifying nutrition science as a whole. She developed and instructs the Culinary Nutrition Certificate Program at Natural Gourmet Institute.

Kayleen collaborated with Vegetarian Times magazine to develop and instruct the ‘Foundations of Plant-Based Nutrition’ online course, which covers the fundamentals of nutrition and plant-centric cooking techniques.

Located in New York City, Euphebe is a whole food, plant-based way of eating. Euphebe's E28 ReBoot is a convenient, 28-day program designed to make it easy to improve our health, to feel and look better through eating really tasty, plant-based, good-for-you food.

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