Josephine Atluri

mbg Contributor

Josephine Atluri is a writer and mindfulness expert who specializes in fertility, motherhood, meditation and in helping others overcome adversity to find joy. She received her B.A. from The University Of Chicago. Through her unique journey on her path to become a mom of five, Josephine weathered many ups and downs with miscarriages, IVF, international adoption and surrogacy. Channeling her experience to find calm and courage and to focus on perseverance, she now helps others navigate life’s curveballs through online meditation training, fertility mindfulness workshops, and her “Responding to Life” podcast. Josephine is a regular content contributor for Motherly and Red Tricycle and she is also a preferred mental wellness provider for The Fertility Tribe, The IVF Warrior, Robyn, and the Fertility Circle.

Through her channels, Josephine shares practical stress management tips including tools to help ground yourself via the free meditation videos on her site. For a free monthly video meditation and wellness tips, be sure to sign up to receive her monthly newsletter on her site. For daily inspiration, be sure to follow her on Instagram.