Joe Whinney

Joe Whinney, Founder and CEO of Theo Chocolate

As a conservation volunteer in Central America working alongside Mayan cocoa farmers, Joe realized that social, economic, and environmental degradation are business-related problems. Joe’s commitment to creating change in the world was galvanized after his first trip to West Africa in the mid-nineties where he witnessed poverty and economic oppression on a massive scale. In 1994, Joe began to pioneer the organic chocolate industry in North America through his love of chocolate and his passion for social and environ- mental justice. Joe expanded his work in 2005 by founding Theo Chocolate, the first Fair Trade and organic bean-to-bar chocolate maker in the Americas, which produces a wide variety of award-winning chocolate and confections.

Debra Music, Co-Founder and CMO of Theo Chocolate

Debra’s background includes extensive work as a social marketing and brand consultant. Since 2005, she has leveraged her business
experience and creative sensibilities to launch and grow Theo Chocolate. Theo was born out of the desire to show chocolate lovers how organic, Fair Trade chocolate can positively impact the world, from the farmers who cultivate the beans to the consumers who support this beloved national brand. Debra’s belief that we are all connected is at the very heart of Theo's business.

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