Jackie Knechtel

Jackie Knechtel is a holistic health & lifestyle coach and the Chief Life Enthusiast of Pure Vibrant Living, a movement she founded to share her passion for holistic health, travel, sustainable living, fitness, personal development and living life to the fullest! Jackie studies over 140 different dietary theories at the Institute for Integrative Nutrition.  She is available for 1:1 or group coaching, raw food/smoothie classes and bellydance lessons. For over 12 years she has dedicated herself to her work as a Speech Language Pathologist specializing in Autism Spectrum Disorders. Jackie is a also a black belt in Okinowan Shorin Ryu and loves all kinds of dance, pilates, yoga, aerial silks, adventure sports, music and the outdoors.  You can find more of her musings in Greenster Magazine.  Join the Pure Vibrant Living community here! 

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