Erin M. Gallagher, MA-Ed, Ph.D.

Contributing writer

Erin M. Gallagher, M.A., MPhil, Ph.D., was a teacher for 18 years and is now a Resilience and Empowerment Coach for Emerging Adults and Educators. She received a doctorate in philosophy from St. John's University, a masters in philosophy from Trinity Collage in Dublin, and a masters focusing on secondary education City University Of New York-Brooklyn College. She is the founder of The Mettle Workshop, where she offers one-to-one and small group coaching, and a co-founder of AMA Afterschool, a virtual after school community. Erin is also a certified Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction for Teens (MBSR-T) Coach and loves learning about neuroscience. She lives in Brooklyn, prefers tea to coffee, and wants teachers to know she’s got their back.

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