Drew Logan

Drew Logan

Drew Logan is a renowned fitness expert, celebrity trainer, and star of NBC’s series STRONG, which premieres on April 13, 2016. In 2004, he became the only known survivor of three consecutive sudden cardiac arrests. The doctors attributed his survival to his fitness level and lifestyle. As a result of his heart condition, Drew lives with a heart defibrillator and keeps his service dog Lucky by his side at all times. Lucky has logged over 100,000 miles with Drew.

The key to Drew’s fitness approach continues to be his emphasis on a complete body-mind transformation with specific “25Days” plans that give specific time frames for dramatic results, with the philosophy that the mind requires 25 days to upload a substantial change. By teaching his clients the power of the body over the mind, he elevates their physical and mental prowess to a whole new level.

In his role as a celebrity trainer, Drew has trained pro athletes, film producers, celebrity agents, managers, musicians, comedians, models and actors. His clients have included actors on “The Hunger Games,” “The Flash,” “The Vampire Diaries” and “Quantico,” as well as with Florida Georgia Line, Keith Urban, Jesse L. Martin, 18-year NBA veteran Nazr Mohammed, and many others.

In addition to
being a drug-free bodybuilding world champion, Drew has owned two gym
franchises, started three personal training companies and consulted for the
United States Marines.

Making it his
mission to raise awareness about heart disease and sudden cardiac arrest, as
well as the power of health and fitness to drastically change lives, Drew is
committed to a healthy lifestyle for himself and his clients. He specializes in
dramatic transformations, weight loss and overcoming obstacles and is a member
of the International Sports Sciences Association and the American Council on