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Charlie Knoles

Meditation Teacher & Director of The Veda Center

Charlie Knoles is a Vedic Meditation teacher and the director of The Veda Center. He was taught Vedic Meditation at age 4 by his father, Maharishi Vyasananda Thom Knoles. Following in the footsteps of his father, Charlie‘s life has been devoted to innovative teaching. He studied at the Australian institute of Music, The Sydney Conservatorium of music and attained his degree in Biology at Maharishi University of Management where he was pivotal in developing their multidisciplinary degree in Sustainable Living, now one of their most popular programs. After completing his training as a meditation teacher he recognized that all teachers need to be trained at an elite level. He developed a new curriculum for Initiator Training and ran a course of deep immersion in Vedic culture in the Himalayan mountains of India. Also check out Charlie's MBG Video Course, The Essential Guide To Meditation.

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What is your wellness philosophy?

Start by loving your own heart and mind, then love your body, then love your community, and then love the world. Incremental change applied consistently over time is the most powerful force in the universe. There are no quick fixes.

What brought you into wellness?

I was born into a family of Rishis. I was taught to meditate at age four and raised with meditation, yoga, and plant based food as a fundamental part of my life.

What does You. We. All. mean to you?

The health of your body depends on the health of your environment and your community. Separation between self and non-self is an illusion. The moment we realize that our connection is more real than our separation we gain enormous power to enact change. The world is composed of us. Whatever we choose will be reality. Let’s choose wisely.