Annie Yates

Annie Yates is a natural beauty and holistic therapist. She believes in nourishing the body inside and out with the very best ingredients you can find. Along with performing pure treatments she also writes the health and beauty blog Wild Heart Native Soul, where she shares tips and recipes helping you to maintain a happy and healthy body and mind.

Annie was previously an illustrator, stylist and designer and enjoyed 10 years working in the fashion and media industries. In 2009 Annie left her media career to have children and this change of lifestyle had a profound effect on her as she became even more conscious of the products and ingredients she was putting on and in her body. After re-training as a therapist, she started her health and wellbeing blog Wild Heart Native Soul to promote her passion for the wonderful ingredients found in nature.

Visit Annie’s blog to download your free mindful coloring pages and clean eating cookbook Getting Started.

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