Some say it’s the most difficult pose, precisely because you’re not supposed to move at all. It’s all about the gap between what you did…

Deep breathing comes in handy for this one.

Because you know you can wake up half an hour earlier.

Nope, we can't do every single pose.

As it turns out, there IS enough time for what's important.

The more time you take in each pose the better.

No one will give you weird looks. We promise.

"But I want these women to know that what they're doing right now is really good for them. Through the language of yoga, I'm telling…

Fern Olivia tells you what to eat (and why) to improve your thyroid function.

Plus, how you can use it to navigate all the ups and downs of life.

Think savasana is a waste of time? Read this.

Traveling with the kids this season? Most parents know that achieving actual R&R is no small feat, especially when it comes to the actual departure…