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Haven't Landed On Your Summer Vacay Plans Yet? We’ve Got 'Em Right Here

Tag along with yogi and Om & the City founder Jules Hunt on her beachy vacay.

Jules Hunt
July 15 2017

Is This Mexican Hot Spot Your New Favorite Wellness Paradise?

Get that natural sunscreen ready.

Sara Quiriconi
January 19 2017

The Wintry European Vacation That's Begging For A Spot On Your Bucket List

Adorable shops, rides along the canal, and Instagram-worthy eats? Yes, please.

Andrea Bartz
December 23 2016

The Sunniest Wellness Escape You Can Take This Holiday Season

We can almost smell the sand from here.

Sara Quiriconi
December 1 2016

This Might Just Be The Most Surprising Wellness Destination In America

Bet you can't guess what city is serving up homemade almond milk and out-of-this-world turmeric lattes.

Ksenia Avdulova
October 27 2016

From Pop-Up Brunches To Stunning Art Galleries, Here's How To Spend Your Time In Berlin

"A delicate balance of glamour meets grit, the city has a pulse of its own."

Shannon Kaiser
September 22 2016

Travel Diaries: Your Guide To Exploring The Unrivaled Beauty Of The Adirondacks

Never was a place more built for long afternoons on the porch with a book, building a cozy fire in the evenings, and going on long walks in the fall...

Robin Berzin, M.D.
September 8 2016

The Best Outdoor Adventures In Fiji

Check out why this world-class chef has been going back to Fiji for 20 years.

Pete Evans
September 1 2016

Travel Diaries: Take In The Beachside Hikes, Spas & Açaí Bowls Of Kauai

Hiking, spa days, açaí bowls, and ocean views? Count us in.

Jordan Younger
August 25 2016

Travel Diaries: The Ultimate Mindful Beach Vacation

"During my stay, I lie in the sun, swim in the beautiful ocean, and meditate. Heaven."

Rose-Marie Swift
August 18 2016

Travel Diaries: The Ski Town That's Actually A Perfect Summer Getaway

Ski resorts are just as awesome during the summer — who knew?!

Amie Valpone
August 11 2016

Travel Diaries: Soak In The Volcanoes, Markets & Superfruits Of Nicaragua

Be right back—off to book a flight.

Dana Claudat
July 28 2016

Travel Diaries: The Best Oysters, Hike & Lookout Point In Inverness, California

Equal parts outdoor activities and cozy relaxation, Inverness is the perfect getaway for anyone who's looking to spend a few days surrounded by...

Phoebe Lapine
July 21 2016

Travel Diaries: How To Hike, Surf, & Eat Your Way Through Portugal On A Budget

Hiking and surfing by day, castle wandering by night. Count us in.

Monica Parikh
July 15 2016