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How This Surfer's Near-Death Experience Taught Her To Trust Her Intuition

"If you don't visualize success for yourself, you won't achieve it."

Leigh Weingus
August 8 2017

Elle Macpherson On Surfing, Meditation & Laughter

Supermodel Elle Macpherson on her meditation practice, the importance of laughing, and her favorite surf spots.

Jason Wachob
March 16 2016

Pro-Surfer Malia Manuel On Her Favorite Self-Care Tricks

When she's not catching waves, Malia Manuel is quite a wellness junkie.

Jason Wachob
February 15 2016

9 Fitness Trends That Will Make You Smile

While we understand the draw of most fitness fads — spinning's killer playlists, barre's sweat-inducing moves and yoga's calming poses — some workout...

March 24 2015

How Yoga Helped Me Surf My Way To A World Record

About 25 years ago, following a major back injury, I took a yoga class, thinking it would help my flexibility. I still remember how I felt walking out...

Garrett McNamara
April 15 2014

7 Reasons I Love Surfing

My first surf experience was a 15-minute disaster in Mazatlan almost ten years ago. While learning to paddle, I got hit by a jellyfish—session over....

Cathy Cox
December 30 2013