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I'm A Pilates Instructor + I Don't Want A 6-Pack. Here's Why

Here's why I’d rather have a strong core instead of washboard abs.

#fitness #pilates #realtalk: fitness
Jennifer Dene
December 15 2015

I'm A Yoga Teacher. Here Are 5 Things Yoga Teachers Get Wrong ALL The Time

Teachers will tell people what they want to hear and usually sell them a product that might not deliver on its promises.

#fitness #realtalk: fitness #yoga #yogis
Ariana Rabinovitch
November 24 2015

10 Almost Effortless Ways To Bring Good Vibes Into Your Life

Here are 10 ways to harness your own subtle spirituality and invite good vibes into your life.

#astrology #balance #realtalk: fitness #spirituality #yoga
Emma Mildon
November 17 2015