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Life At Home With Lindsey Bliss, A Brooklyn Doula & Mom Of 7

In our new holistic parenting series, we’re taking an intimate look inside the homes of inspiring moms and dads in the wellness world. This week,...

Anna Williams
May 12 2016

6 Children's Books To Encourage Mindful, Happy Kids

And moms can learn a thing or two from them, too.

Emma Mildon
April 16 2016

Baby & Me Yoga: 8 Great Poses To Do With Your Little One

I’ve been doing yoga on and off for almost 18 years. For me, yoga gives a sense of peace and overall well-being. And as a new mother, I'm discovering...

Molly Sims
August 2 2015

How To Turn A Vacation Into A Mini-Mindfulness Retreat

Yoga retreats are a dreamy opportunity to combine travel with an intensive yoga program. And while many of us fantasize about unrolling our mats in...

Jessica Myers
July 3 2015

Why Kids Need Yoga In Their Lives (Now More Than Ever)

More than ever, kids today are spending more time indoors, at home and sitting at their desks at school. Our children’s activities and definitions of...

Cheryl MacDonald
May 22 2015

Mother's Day Yoga: 17 Photos That Will Warm Your Heart

Editor's note: Whether it's prenatal yoga, mommy-and-me classes, or offerings at many schools around the country, we're seeing a steady rise in kids'...

Robert Sturman
May 10 2015

5 Kid-Friendly Yoga Poses To Help Your Child Avoid A Meltdown

Maybe it’s a refusal to put on a hat, maybe it’s wanting to get out of the car, or not get out of the car — whatever the trigger (and it can be...

Mariam Gates
April 19 2015

A Yogi's Secret To Thriving During Motherhood

As a mother of twin 4-year-old boys, I have been through my fair share of challenges. I credit my sanity solely to my yoga practice.

Lindsay Monteagudo
February 17 2015

6 Yoga Poses To Do With Your Kids

Sharing yoga with your child gives them the gift of being active. There are many benefits to a kids yoga practice, and they'll learn at a young age...

Sasha Taylor North
December 6 2014

The One Question You Need To Ask Before Yelling At Your Kids

As a student, practitioner and teacher of yoga, I try to live my life in a kind and thoughtful way. I try to tune into each moment in the present, and...

Shannon MacLaggan
November 5 2014

Want A Drama-Free Teenager? 5 Ways Yoga Can Help

In my last 15 years of teaching yoga in schools, community centers and studios, one of the most effective methods I have found for engaging...

Abby Wills, M.A.
October 17 2014

8 Reasons Why A School Teacher Wants Your Kids To Do Yoga

Picture this: You put in a full day at work, dealing with office politics and trying to do your best. When the workday is over, you rush to a group...

Mary Mcguire
October 16 2014

How To Get Your Baby To Sleep Through The Night

Editor's Note: Always follow the guidance of your pediatrician first, especially when birth weight and feeding regimen are concerned. An infant is...

Karan Bajaj
October 14 2014

How Yoga Made Me A Better Parent

My wife and I are the proud parents of six beautiful children. Raising six kids in this day and age is challenging, to say the least. We love each...

Gerald Saluti
May 14 2014

How To Get Back Into Yoga After Having A Baby

I searched in vain for articles that would help me build back up to my yoga practice after having a baby. I couldn't find anything that was helpful....

Eliza Whiteman
January 31 2014

5 Ways Yoga Has Helped Me Raise A Child With A Disability

Parenting is a journey. It requires steadfast commitment, strength, and stamina. For parents who have learned their child has a developmental delay or...

Kate Greenleaf
February 22 2013