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Happy Birthday, Osho! Lessons From An Amazing Philosopher

Osho has become one of my favorite spiritual philosophers, writers, teachers, and beings. I love and learn from many others, of course, but as of yet,...

Dani Marie Robinson
December 14 2012

The Difference Between 'Lonely' and 'Alone'

Recently I read Joy by Osho and was completely blown away by every page, every sentence, every word and every letter. Through his book, I found so...

India Hope
August 14 2012

Osho: Trust Love

"Love knows how to go into the unknown. Love knows how to throw all securities. Love knows how to move into the unfamiliar and the uncharted. Love is...

June 26 2012

13 Ways to Find More Time

"There has been a great misunderstanding between life and time. Time is thought to consist of three tenses: past, present, future - which is wrong....

Gabriel Sanders
June 5 2012

Osho: Make Each Moment Golden

"Live totally, and live intensely, so that each moment becomes golden and your whole life becomes a series of golden moments." 

May 21 2012

Crossing the Bridge to You

The battle is for I, for I have nothing but everything to offer. And yes, while many speak of the ego as the great battleground of man, there is an...

Luke Eriksen
April 2 2012

Osho: Happiness Needs No Cause

"Happiness needs no cause. It is your simple nature, you are intrinsically happy. No cause, no purpose, no goal is needed. Life is in itself enough....

March 22 2012

Osho: You Already Have What You Need

"If you do not seek anything from without, you are complete, you are entire, you are perfect. The moment you start desiring something from outside,...

November 11 2011

Fitting in Health: Stress-Free Weight Loss

"That is one of the great secrets of life, that life is a movement. And if you are stuck somewhere you lose contact with life." -- Osho

Gabriel Sanders
September 26 2011

Osho: Experience Life

"Experience life in all possible ways -- good-bad, bitter-sweet, dark-light, summer-winter. Experience all the dualities. Don't be afraid of...

September 19 2011

A Quick Recipe for De-stressing

A reference [spiritual advisor and author] Eckhart Tolle makes of a Buddhist monk in his book The Power of Now has changed my life. Tolle quotes the...

Katerina Goldman
August 31 2011