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Vegan Chorizo Tacos That Will Make You Forget The Real Thing

One of my favorite recipes from my new cookbook, The VB6 Cookbook, is the vegan chorizo tacos. The are spectacular and very healthy.

Mark Bittman
May 8 2014

Mark Bittman Makes the Case to Tax Soda & Unhealthy Foods

With infographics like this one, it's very clear that soda plays a big role in our our obesity epidemic here in America. Famed food writer, Mark...

July 25 2011

Mark Bittman Not a Fan of McDonald's Oatmeal

Since his awesome TED Talk on 'Rethinking the Way We We Eat', we've become huge fans of food journalist and cookbook author, Mark Bittman. And while...

February 24 2011

Mark Bittman: Rethinking the Way We Eat

Mark Bittman, Famed food journalist and cookbook author, talks about what's wrong with the way we eat and how it's hurting our health and our planet.

July 18 2010