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Madonna on Love

"To be brave is to love someone unconditionally, without expecting anything in return. To just give. That takes courage; because we don't want to fall...

October 5 2011

8 Wellness Trends to Watch in 2011

2010 was a big year for wellness, but I think 2011 is going to be bigger. Get your green juice ready, roll out the yoga mat, and take an inventory of...

Jason Wachob
December 30 2010

Madonna Does Airplane Yoga: Do You?

The UK's Guardian reports that after being stranded on the runway for hours, Madonna got her yoga on in the aisles of her Virgin flight. Can you blame...

Jason Wachob
December 21 2010

Barre3 Review: Better Workout for Better Posture

Barre3, Madonna’s latest fitness fetish, is part detail work, part posture alignment so that you can high-rep and stretch your way to a longer, leaner...

Colleen Wachob
September 30 2010

Q & A with Sadie Lincoln, Barre3 Founder

Does the name Sadie Lincoln or barre3 sound familiar? If so, it's probably because Sadie and her barre3 creation is Madonna's new favorite workout.

Jason Wachob
September 9 2010

Madonna's New Workout: Barre3 with Sadie Lincoln

Madonna's new workout obsession is called barre3, which blends yoga, Pilates, and ballet all-in-one. Barre3 is based in Portland, Oregon so Madonna...

August 10 2010

Madonna Flies with Private Chef: Would You? (Poll)

On a recent flight from New York to London, Madonna booked an entire row of first-class seats so her private macrobiotic chef could cook for her. If...

July 29 2010

Yoga-Themed Cocktails with Madonna & Gwyneth Paltrow

It's Friday and it's gorgeous outside -- do you feel like having a OHM-tini (vodka, grapefruit juice, and triple sec) or a Downward Dobel margarita...

April 30 2010

Easy Relaxation Tip from Madonna's Yoga Teacher

Stressed out? Madonna's yoga teacher, Eddie Stern, has an easy tip to help alleviate stress.

April 27 2010

Madonna Puts Her Money Where Her Coconut Water Is...

I'm a big fan of coconut water as it was my pick in our Favorite Healthy Food of 2009 survey. Well, I'm not alone: Madonna loves coconut water so much...

February 2 2010

For the Yoga-Loving Traveler: Mysore, India

Just listed in the NY Times as one of the "31 Places to Go in 2010", Mysore, India and the Ashtanga Yoga Institute are amidst a yoga-boom as yoga...

January 15 2010