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A Simple Meditation That Can Help Anyone Affected By Breast Cancer

In honor of the upcoming month of October and breast cancer awareness, I put together a simple meditation to help anyone affected by this disease....

Kathryn Budig
October 1 2014

Kathryn Budig Shows You How To Get The Perfect Parisian Top Knot

I live the majority of my life in stretchy pants, rocking hairdos that are more functional than fashionable. But I recently taught yoga in Europe,...

Kathryn Budig
September 25 2014

Yoga In Ireland With Kathryn Budig (Gorgeous Slideshow)

I just spent a week teaching in Dublin at The Yoga Hub and in Belfast at Flow Studio Yoga where I met some of the coolest people around. The Irish...

Kathryn Budig
October 4 2013

Kathryn Budig's New ToeSox for the Dogs

Do you love yoga? Love your feet? Love dogs? Then you'll want to check out our friend, yogi/foodie, Kathryn Budig's new Hot Pink Half-ToeSox that will...

Jason Wachob
July 14 2010

Q & A with Kathryn Budig: Healthy Fridge (Video)

Back in April, I talked to yogi/foodie, Kathryn Budig about what she eats in a typical day. Today we're airing the second half of my interview with...

Jason Wachob
June 14 2010

Melissa Etheridge on Yoga & Books

Melissa Etheridge is more than just one of the most successful singer-songwriters of our time. She has overcome many an adversity (including beating...

Jason Wachob
May 11 2010

Mother's Day Flowers, Chocolate, and Yoga

Mother's Day is Sunday and we've got our picks for flowers, organic chocolate, and even yoga poses for moms. What more could you want?

May 6 2010

Giada's Secret to Work-Life Balance?

Mother's Day is this weekend and it's amazing how so many moms manage to do all that they do. So what is celebrity chef and mom Giada DeLaurentiis'...

May 4 2010

Q & A with Elena Brower: On Anusara Yoga & Inspiration

Some people "have it" -- an indescribable presence and energy that can captivate an entire room. And Elena Brower definitely "has it." At her Saturday...

Jason Wachob
March 15 2010

Q & A with Kathryn Budig: Getting Started with Yoga (Video)

Yogi Kathryn Budig talks to us about getting started with yoga, why you don't need uber-flexible hamstrings to practice, and more.

Jason Wachob
February 22 2010

Q & A with Kathryn Budig: Great Books, Fave Yoga Poses

Yogi, Kathryn Budig's name is synonymous with handstands -- lots of them. While pursuing a BA in English and drama at the University of Virginia, she...

Jason Wachob
December 21 2009