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4 Steps in Healing From Divorce

There is little as frightening and unsettling as having the ground pulled out from under your feet. While the reality of that is predominantly...

Derek Beres
September 5 2012

Joseph Campbell: Have a Sense of Humor

"As you proceed through life, following your own path, birds will shit on you. Don't bother to brush it off. Getting a comedic view of your situation...

April 25 2012

Joseph Campbell: Follow Your Own Path

"If you can see your path laid out in front of you, step by step, you know it's not your path. Your own path you make with every step you take. That's...

March 27 2012

10 Inspiring Quotes to Give You Courage

It's so easy to give up, or just never get started on making your dream project come true. In fact, sometimes we're our own worst critics.

Jennifer Boire
March 4 2012

Joseph Campbell: Be Willing to Let Go

"We must be willing to let go of the life we planned so as to have the life that is waiting for us."

December 26 2011

4 Basic Assumptions of the Yoga Sutras

When I first came across the philosophy of yoga, it was a good two years into my practice of the physical aspects of it. I had read books by Joseph...

Clayton Aynesworth
September 14 2011

Yoga as a Form of Serendipity

It was in my late teens, more than twenty years ago, when I found myself enthusiastically delving into foreign spiritual quests. A close friend, who I...

Clayton Aynesworth
September 9 2011