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The Ways David Bowie Changed The World (That You Didn't Already Know About)

While he's known for his constant evolution — both musically and sartorially — he also evolved spiritually and holistically throughout his life.

Leah Vanderveldt
January 21 2016

How To Breathe Life Back Into A Long-Term Relationship

Penny, a mother of two young children, felt bored in her relationship with her partner Tom. They were busy with the demands of parenthood and work....

Sarah Napthali
June 11 2015

5 Lessons All Parents Could Learn From Buddhism

As Buddhism continues to increase in popularity in Western culture, certain principles have entered the discourse of how to be a better parent. The...

Krissy Pozatek, MSW
May 5 2015

6 Reasons To Practice Yoga At A Studio (Instead Of With A Laptop)

With the proliferation of online yoga tutorials like YogaGlo, GaiamTV and even YouTube, more and more yogis are practicing at home in front of their...

Zach Beach
February 22 2015

What Buddha Got Wrong About Happiness

Author's note: The following is an excerpt from a chapter called "On Laughing," from a book-in-progress entitled Monk for a Month.

Ira Sukrungruang
December 30 2014

4 Mantras For Love & Happiness

"Love and compassion … are the ultimate source of human happiness, and the need for them lies at the very core of our being." -Dalai Lama

David Starlyte
December 13 2014

5 Things Everyone Has In Common With The Dalai Lama

I've always been drawn to the Dalai Lama. I love his endearing persona and his wide, beaming smile.

Charu Agarwal
November 1 2014

3 Buddhist Beliefs That Will Rock Your World (And Make You Much Happier!)

You don't have to practice yoga or follow an Ayurvedic diet to benefit from Buddhist ideas (but if you do, more power to you).

Megan Bruneau, M.A.
October 30 2014

How I (Accidentally) Taught My Kids Mindfulness

This past Memorial Day weekend, I took my two sons, ages 11 and 16, to Blue Cliff Monastery in Pine Bush, NY, to celebrate Vesak, the Buddha’s...

Jessica Ardis
June 2 2014

Breakdancing 'Monks' Celebrate Beastie Boys' Adam Yauch (Video)

If you happened to be walking around New York City's Union Square on Friday, you may have noticed something unusual: four 'Tibetan monks'...

May 8 2014

How Meditation Can Change Your Sense Of Self (For The Better)

Notions of self and mind differ across cultures and history. For quite a while now, Western cultures have emphasized a Cartesian dualism between mind...

Paula Watkins, PhD
March 26 2014

Why The Dalai Lama Feels Like An Old Friend

Sometimes we meet people who can see us whole and before an immense sky, who don’t judge or discriminate, and who seem to radiate feelings of genuine...

Joseph Goldstein
November 28 2013

What It Truly Means To Be Flexible

As humans we have the capacity to analyze, figure, discern, and plan. We analyze what’s happened in the past and what’s happening in the present,...

Janet Stone
April 26 2013

Tina Turner on God, Buddhism, and Chanting

At our MBG Thanksgiving dinner this week, the conversation turned to meditation and chanting, and we were thrilled to learn from Caroline that Tina...

Jason Wachob
November 25 2012

Control Your Gadgets So They Don't Control You

Tweets, emails, texts, Facebook updates ... there are plenty of digital distractions competing for our attention these days. If you’re like me, the...

Brian Dean Williams
October 28 2012

Two Simple Questions to Help You Set Boundaries

Often we find ourselves in the middle of conflict and confusion in our lives and our relationships, and wonder: How did I arrive here? What did I do...

Michael A. Gordon
October 15 2012