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Is This A Buddha Statue On Mars Or Just A Pile Of Rocks?

Is that you, Buddha? What’re you doing on Mars? Just chilling?

Emi Boscamp
October 19 2015

10 Inspirational Quotes To Keep You Motivated This Winter

Sometimes I envy animals who hibernate. Curling up into a warm and cozy sleep until spring arrives, sounds appealing at times when life feels...

Kaia Roman
January 19 2015

What Buddha Got Wrong About Happiness

Author's note: The following is an excerpt from a chapter called "On Laughing," from a book-in-progress entitled Monk for a Month.

Ira Sukrungruang
December 30 2014

4 Mantras For Love & Happiness

"Love and compassion … are the ultimate source of human happiness, and the need for them lies at the very core of our being." -Dalai Lama

David Starlyte
December 13 2014

The Art of Letting Go

A quote usually attributed to Buddha says, "Pain is inevitable, but suffering is optional." What a profound statement!

Om Swami
September 13 2012

Dalai Lama: Just Be a Good Human Being

“As someone nearing seventy years of age at the time of writing, I have accumulated enough experience to be completely confident that the teachings of...

September 11 2012

Turn Off Your Brain & Be in the Present Moment: Lessons From Flying Trapeze

Afraid of heights? Being upside down? Injury? Performing in front of others? Flying? I know of a place, a one-stop-shop where all those fears can be...

Dani Marie Robinson
September 8 2012

4 Inspirational Quotes for When You Need 'Em

If you’re ever in a rut or find yourself generally bored with life, I’d highly recommend you collect some inspirational quotes. And write them down.

Alanna Gilbert
August 26 2012

3 Ways to Develop an Attitude of Gratitude

"May today there be peace within; may you trust that you are exactly where you are meant to be. May you not forget the infinite possibilities that are...

Cat O'Connor
August 20 2012

15 Confidence-Boosting Quotes!

It’s no secret that there is a serious lack of self-confidence all around us. Blame it on the media, high divorce rates, unloving homes or excessive...

Mandy Burstein
June 15 2012

Master the Art of Divine Love in 3 Simple Steps

Love is a fuzzy word with an even fuzzier meaning, and because many of us are unaware of what love is suppose to look like, feel like, or actually be...

Ayelet Shimron
June 11 2012

6 Morning Rituals to Jump Start Your Day

The following are a few of the morning rituals that help me wake up, get those positive vibes going, and set the grateful tone for the day.

Melissa Rousseau
May 26 2012

10 Life Tips Inspired by Buddha

Here are ten life principals inspired by quotes from Buddha.

Robert Piper
April 28 2012

2 Steps to Deep Meditation

Anapanasati Sutra is a “Breath-Mindfulness Discourse” that details the Buddha's instruction on using the breath as an insightful focus for meditation....

Luke Eriksen
April 10 2012

10 Quotes to Remind You to Love Yourself

It's no secret that we tend to look for flaws within ourselves and that we're our own worst critics. We always find something that we don't like and...

Rikke Uberg Andersen
March 6 2012

10 Inspiring Quotes to Give You Courage

It's so easy to give up, or just never get started on making your dream project come true. In fact, sometimes we're our own worst critics.

Jennifer Boire
March 4 2012

20 Inspiring Quotes to Keep Things in Perspective

Do you recall hearing a song, phrase, or passage that resonated with you in some profound way that articulated exactly how you're feeling? As if the...

Jen Nicomedes Stone
February 20 2012

Buddha: Listen to Yourself

"Do not let yourself be guided by the authority of the sacred texts, nor by simple logic, nor by appearance or opinion, nor even by the teachings of...

January 6 2012

Buddha: There Are Only Two Mistakes You Can Make

"There are two mistakes one can make along the road to truth... not going all the way, and not starting."

November 18 2011