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11 Major Relationship Red Flags

Imagine if we could bottle that feeling that comes with dating someone new — the thrill, the excitement, the flutters and tingles. The nonstop...

Megan Bruneau, M.A.
December 19 2015

10 Ways To Stop Feeling Like You Need To Be In Control All The Time

Many of us hold onto control for dear life. We attach ourselves to outcomes, push for things to happen the way we want them to go, and try to run the...

Lauren Stahl
May 21 2015

I Survived A Plane Crash. Here's How It Changed The Way I Live My Life

I survived a plane crash in Myanmar. The recovery process was, unsurprisingly, long and painful. But it taught me about my own ability (and all of...

Allan Lokos
March 13 2015

10 Ways To Live Without Attachment

It always amuses me how a particular lesson continues to show up in our life until we get it. Sure, it comes in different forms – a physical sign,...

Stefani Beckerman
June 14 2014

3 Attachments That Are Dragging You Down

I’ve only just begun a dedicated practice of vairagya, which is non-attachment, and it's a beautiful thing. At times, though, it's frustrating when I...

Sara Courter
March 28 2013

Leave Ego Behind And Find More Meaning in Life

One of my favorite quotes from Caroline Myss’ The Anatomy of the Spirit helps set the tone for this post: “Ironically, once we realize the stuff of...

Jessica Cooper
March 12 2013

5 Reasons Detachment Can Save Your Relationship

When most people envision the ideal relationship, they think of engulfing, inseparable love. Being “attached at the hip” is typically an early sign...

Jasmin Bedria, CPT, CNS
November 24 2012

Are Your Attachments Causing You Pleasure or Pain?

Pleasure or Pain? If you've ever studied the Yoga Sutras of Pantajli, this question continues to arise. The path of a yogi is learning to break our...

Joan Hyman
October 13 2012