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Bill Clinton Says Going Vegan Saved His Life

"I have more energy, I never clog ... And I feel good.”

Emi Boscamp
February 26 2016

Bill Clinton Loves Eating Plant-Based (And Almond Milk Smoothies)

Former president Bill Clinton earned some notoriety in the early days of his first term thanks to his penchant for going on jogs to McDonald's....

August 3 2013

Rosie O'Donnell Embraces Plant-Based Diet

After suffering a severe heart attack last week, 50-year-old comedian, Rosie O'Donnell is lucky to be alive. Now she's embracing a plant-based diet....

August 24 2012

Bill Clinton Gets His Meditation On

Former President, Bill Clinton, first started living MindBodyGreen two years ago when he embraced a plant-based diet. Now he's getting his meditation...

Jason Wachob
August 8 2012

All Red Meat Is Bad for You Says Study

Looks like Bill Clinton was onto something when he embraced a plant-based diet for health reasons. A new Harvard study suggests that eating...

March 13 2012

Bill Clinton Talks Plant-Based Lifestyle

Bill Clinton appeared on Rachael Ray's show earlier today where he talked about his plant-based lifestyle and said he was "close" to being 100 percent...

September 20 2011

Veganism Debunked (Infographic)

With people like Bill Clinton going vegan, veganism has been in the news a lot lately... which also means that there are a lot of misconceptions. This...

September 13 2011

Bill Clinton Goes Vegan

Talk about a Presidential diet.

August 19 2011

Plant-Based Men: The Biggest Misconception

some of the most respected plant-based men will answer a different question about eating a plant-based diet.

Jason Wachob
November 15 2010

Bill Clinton's Plant-Based Diet: Doctors Weigh In

"Simple changes ... like what we eat, how we respond to stress, how much exercise we get, and how much love and support we have, can actually begin to...

September 28 2010

Bill Clinton's Plant-Based Weight Loss

Bill Clinton told Wolf Blitzer last night that he "essentially lives on a plant-based diet." The diet change was sparked by his bypass surgery, and...

Jason Wachob
September 22 2010