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The Out-There Yoga Trend That Gives Kate Hudson & Alicia Keys Their Glow

Guru Jagat is leading a new yoga movement.

Elizabeth Inglese
February 8 2017

Try This Quick Kundalini Yoga Sequence From A West Coast Guru

I'm in love with this Kundalini yoga kriya series — movements that promote real change within. In just five to 10 minutes you can expect a major dose...

Guru Jagat
December 7 2014

Yes, Kundalini Yoga Makes You More Creative. Here's How

Plus, a Kundalini exercise to awaken your creativity.

Guru Jagat
March 3 2017

This Is Why So Many People Are Addicted To Kundalini Yoga

And how to know if it's for you.

Guru Jagat
March 1 2017

Why I'm Meditating Every Day For A Year

"I know when I meditate regularly that I am a more grounded, confident, and clear-minded person."

Meg James
March 2 2017

Why 3 Minutes Of Kundalini Yoga Could Change Your Life

Just three minutes of Kundalini can change your life.

Guru Jagat
January 10 2017

A Simple Yoga Pose To Banish Brain Fog + Beat Fatigue

This move stimulates all 26 vertebrae and sends wake-up calls to the body's energy centers.

Fern Olivia
June 28 2016

The Leader Of LA's Yoga Scene Says Kundalini Can Change The Shape Of Your Face

Take one of the five below practices and try it for a period of 40-90 days preferably. The proof will be in your increased radiance and natural glow!

Guru Jagat
March 24 2017

What My Mindfulness Practice Looks Like: Fern Olivia

Many of our readers want to meditate, but have a hard time fitting the practice into their days. Others are too intimidated to start. To make it a...

Fern Olivia
January 24 2016

10 Signs You've Found A True Guru

Are you tired of hearing about yoga teachers behaving in “less than yogic” ways? The problem is as old as power itself, and is lived out in almost any...

Mijael Brandwajn
July 22 2013

Looking For A Meditation Teacher? 11 Questions To Ask

When I first met my meditation teacher in 2003, I knew instantly that I wanted to study with him. I had dabbled in meditation for years before, and...

Light Watkins
August 8 2015

Uncover the Guru Inside Yourself

When we were babies and felt scared, our parents would hold us to make us feel safe and protected. As young children, if we had a toothache we went to...

Jessi Piha
October 25 2011

Don't Find a Guru, Find Your Self

"Yoga isn't competitive posing. The 'how' is far more important here than the 'what.' If a guru tells you to push harder to match what someone...

January 27 2012

I Got Screwed Over By My Yoga Teacher. Here's What I Learned About Gurus.

So I’ll just come right out and say it: I got screwed over by a yoga teacher. There was money involved and a business plan gone awry, plus disdain for...

Elizabeth Rowan
March 8 2013