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The science of a food coma.

You are what you eat, after all.

Eliminate these and feel clearheaded, stat.

Brain health problems have been skyrocketing lately. Today, close to 20% of adults suffer from a diagnosable mental disorder — and that stat is only…

We all draw blanks from time to time. Here's how to tell what's happening in your brain.

Feel sharper, smarter, and generally happier.

My philosophy toward health has always been food first, medicine or supplements second.

Do you want to lose weight but feel like you can't stop eating cake, hamburgers, french toast or french fries? Well, you’re not alone —…

A new study presents new knowledge on the effects of fasting on the brain.

Psychiatrist Dr. Drew Ramsey discusses how poor diets and a lack of nutrients have harmed our brains, causing anxiety and depression, and why a client…

You’ll feel your brain smiling in no time!

Your mind deserves some TLC too.

Remember the scarecrow in The Wizard of Oz ? Here was a fellow whose cognitive function wasn’t quite where it needed to be. He joined…

Banish that tired, hazy feeling for good.