QUIZ: What Nut Are You, Based On Your Personality?

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Recently, I found myself at a dinner with nuts.com, where it came to light that the drawing on their adorable packaging was actually a depiction of the founder and his family—as nuts. He was a peanut while his dad was an almond and his cousin was a hazelnut. Naturally, this led to a heated discussion of the personality types of various nuts (I’m a walnut, in case you were wondering, while Leigh, our fitness editor, is clearly a pistachio). When we returned to the office, all of the other editors were, of course, dying to know what nut they were, so we formalized the discovery process into a quick quiz. Take it, and you’ll finally be able to tell the world definitively, proudly: If you were a nut, this is the nut you would be (fellow walnuts, I’m internet-high-fiving you right now).  

Psst: if your result disappears before you get a chance to read it, click the back button on the left hand side of the quiz box (not the replay). Like our quizzes? Show some love! Share it on Facebook or Twitter and hashtag #imanutformbg.

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