We Tried The Trendy New Ayurvedic Snack Bites & Were Really Surprised

Contributing Food Editor By Liz Moody
Contributing Food Editor
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We Tried The Trendy New Ayurvedic Snack Bites & Were Really Surprised

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We called out the modernization of ayurveda in this year's wellness trends, and now, finally, a brand has stepped up to the plate, with a snack ready to meet the rapidly growing enthusiasm for the ancient Indian system of medicine.

OJAS STUDIO has just launched three date and grain bites that are based on the ayurvedic concept of doshic types. In short, according to ayurveda, all people are made up of three doshas: vata, pitta, and kapha. Based on our innate qualities and a number of environmental factors, different doshas can become dominant. Many of ayurveda's practices are focused on bringing the three doshas back into balance.

That's where the snack bites come in. "If you're feeling more vata-dominant one day, you can reach for a vata-inspired snack to balance those qualities," explains Erin Casperson, the current dean of the famed Kripalu School of Ayurveda, who worked with OJAS STUDIO when they were in their nascent phases of development. Here's what she has to say about the ayurvedic properties of each bite, and our take on the taste.

We Tried The Trendy New Ayurvedic Snack Bites & Were Really Surprised

Image by Ojas Studio / Contributor


The vata-inspired bite is predominantly flavored with cardamom, cinnamon, and walnut, with a date and whole-grain oat base. This is because, according to Casperson, if someone has more vata in them, they tend to run a little dry. "They love moist humid climates because that's where they feel best and thriving," she tells mbg. "This bite has a little bit of oiliness from coconut oil and walnut, which gives it more moisture." Vatas also tend to run cold (if you're that person in a sweater while the whole office is overheated, you might be vata), which inspired the spice-blend. "Cinnamon is a bit more warming, and cardamom helps with digestion," Casperson explains. This bite is an office favorite, with a cookie-dough-like flavor and a hint of interest from the more exotic spices.



"Kapha people tend to be the most sturdy and steady of the three doshas," explains Casperson. "Their nervous system and digestion are steady all around." The upside, according to Casperson, is their evenness and dependability, but, she said, that steadiness "can sometimes look like sluggishness." The inclusion of ginger and turmeric serves to heat up those qualities. Kaphas also have the most oil in their bodies—the opposite of dry vatas, which led to the inclusion of chia seeds in this bite. "Kapha types would favor this over nuts, since they're drier and actually absorb moisture," Casperson explains. The chia lends a nice crunch to these bites while the turmeric offers an earthy, gently savory undertone to the spicy, forward ginger notes.


The pitta bites are the least spice-forward of the three, relying instead on orange peel and fig for their delicate, floral flavor. "These aren't overly spiced because most of our spices tend to be warming, and we don't want to overheat a pitta type," Casperson explains. Pittas are the only dosha with fire in them, and as such, they tend to run warm during most of the year. "We don't want to cool down pitta completely," says Casperson, "because you need warmth for proper digestion, but the flavorings in this bite heat it up precisely the right amount in just the right way." She also warns that pittas might want to stash more than one bag around. "In addition to being the most driven and organized, with leadership-type qualities, pittas tend to have the most robust digestion—so they get hungry," she laughs. This bite has a sweet, coconut- and fig-based flavor, with a hint of strawberry (the more fruit-loving snackers in the office liked it best).

You can find the bites at ojasstudio.com.

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