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The Make-Or-Break Factor That Dictates Your Success In Everything You Do

Luis Congdon
May 8, 2017
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May 8, 2017

After carefully studying hundreds of highly successful individuals and closely watching myself, too, I’ve come to realize that my relationship with my partner is the most important factor in my success.

I know it might feel weird to imagine that your intimate life could be so closely tied in with your success, but trust me—if you want to make the best decisions, you need the right partner.

How the right partner affects your finances:

In The Millionaire Next Door, authors Thomas Stanley and William Danko identified seven of the most common traits among self-made millionaires. One characteristic of successful people across the board was a frugal spouse. That directly affects a couple's ability to save and accumulate financial security.

How the right partner affects your career:

When the world’s most renowned marriage experts, John and Julie Gottman, conducted their 33-year study on marital success, they discovered that the happiness of a person's romantic relationship directly affects their happiness at work.

When we think about our most important relationship, we don’t see an obvious connection to our jobs or business. But I know from experience how real it is. Once I chose the right partner, my wealth and happiness skyrocketed. The truly successful people around me all chose the right partner.

Having an amazing partner by my side empowered me to leave my job, become a full-time entrepreneur, and turn my ideas into products. Choosing the right partner has helped my finances become more robust, my business grow beyond what I ever could have envisioned, and my heart develop more courage, strength, and bravery than I knew I was capable of.

How the right partner affects your creativity:

Doctors Gay and Katie Hendricks found that a couple who supports each other's creativity reports increased happiness. When your partner shows you affection and support in your creative pursuits, your relationship becomes happier.

The right partner even increases your capacity to love:

One of my favorite marriage researchers and experts, Dr. Harville Hendrix, writes, "You learn to love yourself by loving someone else."

Through the process of loving my partner and desiring to become a better man for her daily, I’ve learned to love myself more. And in that, I’ve also become a better businessman.

Most of my personal heroes have been vocal about their partners' impact on their success:

Martin Luther King Jr. wouldn't have been what he was without Coretta Scott, Barack without Michelle, and so many more successful people without their supportive partners.

In the book A Beautiful Mind, biographer Sylvia Nasar wrote:

"It was Nash's choose a woman who would prove so essential to his survival."

If your business or life is off track in any way, I encourage you to step back and assess the health of your relationship.

If you prioritize making your relationship the best it can possibly be, the benefits will extend to every area of your life.

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Luis Congdon

As a specialist in helping couples, Luis runs a top-ranked relationship website: Luis taught the work of Drs. John and Gottman, helped conduct the largest research study on marital longevity for couples with children in the United States. He helps committed couples learn communication skills, conflict management, and skills that keep the love alive. To get the free Save Your Marriage training, visit his website.