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Free + Native's Lacy Phillips On The Routine That Makes Her Skin Glow

Lacy Philips
January 27, 2016
Lacy Philips
Written by
January 27, 2016

Lacy Phillips is the creator of Free + Native, a gorgeous guide to holistic living. She's also the epitome of natural beauty. We were curious to learn more about the rituals she swears by to live with intention and grace.

As an herbalist and manifestation guide, beauty has always been an inside job for me. It’s in one’s most natural and authentic states that I find women (and men) beyond stunning. The large Turkish nose, the indented gap in the teeth, the untouched hair after one has been swimming in the ocean all day.

However, healthiness is also a radiant form of beauty, one that is so subliminal we can hardly put our finger on it: the glowing skin, bright aura, and unexplainable happiness and confidence one has when they are in harmony. That kind of beauty wears well on everyone. And most of that is an inside job, which is why I'm sharing my daily beauty rituals, inside and out.

7 a.m.: Beauty Infusion

Upon waking every morning, I drink 8 ounces of a beautifying herbal infusion made up of nettles, red raspberry leaf, and goji berries.

To make it yourself, place this mixture into a jar (1 tablespoon per every cup the jar holds), pour boiling water over the herbs, cap, and let steep for 4 hours. Drink 2 to 3 cups a day in place of water.

This is the most hair and nail strengthening/lengthening and dewy skin infusion ever. I'll know I’ve been drinking nettles regularly when people ask, "How is your hair growing so quickly?!"

All the bio-available minerals, vitamins, and antioxidants are here!

9 a.m.: Dry Body Brushing

Around this time, I’ll have finished my workout for the day, which is only 30 minutes and consists of either HIIT or weights. I’ve done every workout under the sun, and these are the two things that truly get me pumping with happy endorphins and really tone my body.

After this, I’ll dry body brush before the shower to stimulate my lymphatic system and dump toxins.

I’ll gently apply LAXMI's Cold Pressed Cleansing Oil to my face before getting in the shower. This allows the steam to help the fatty-acid-rich Mongongo oil dissolve hardened oil and debris stuck in skin’s pores, a tip I picked up from holistic facialist Kristina Holey at Ayla Beauty.

I’ll cleanse my body with Dr. Bronner’s Unscented Baby Liquid Soap, and I use Acure shampoo and conditioner once a week.

My hair rituals are very French: I wash once a week, brush, part to one side, let it air dry, and don't brush it again for seven days. If it gets too oily, I’ll use LuLu Organics Hair Powder, which gives a perfect little root lift. If it get’s too flat, I’ll spritz with a salt spray. And if it gets too dry, I’ll use my friend Meredith Baird’s wicked coconut oil nucifera concoction as an overnight mask.

For my face, I’ll spritz Evan Healy's Rose Petal Hydrosol for moisture, and John Masters' Vitamin C Anti-Aging Face Serum for antioxidants to neutralize environmental pollutants. I follow it up with Evan Healy's Whipped Shea Butter with Olive Leaf mixed with three drops of their Pomegranate Repair Serum. To finish, I’ll use John Masters' SPF 30 Natural Mineral Sunscreen on my face, chest, and the back of my hands.

After the shower, I’ll apply Jiva Apoha’s Mukti Oil mixed with Sun Potion's Raw Shea Butter to my whole body. I’m the ultimate purist and use onlythe purist, most effective products possible so as to keep my endocrine system in balance.

My body is so sensitive now that using products with any endocrine disrupting chemicals will throw me way out of whack hormonally right away. This is also why I use unscented crystal roll-on deodorant, and Sage's roll-on perfume in Onyx.

10 a.m.: Meditation

This is when I perform a very deep 45-minute meditation to prepare for my day of clients. Because I’m holding a very strong space when it comes to coaching people into manifesting their every desire, I’ll be sure to strike a Tibetan Singing Bowl a few times to align my chakras and take me into theta brainwave territory so I can tap into my intuition and creativity rapidly.

This is an incredibly beautifying meditation for I heal my aura, strengthen the colors of my chakras, and do deep subconscious work to heal limiting beliefs. When energetic pollution has been cleansed of both myself and others, you’ve never seen a person glowing with such immense confidence knowing that they have already received everything they want. It’s pretty profound.

6 p.m.: Wind Down

It's usually around this time that I wrap up my workday. And a little ceremony to cross into the evening consists of sipping on a cup of bone broth and dulse for its calming and anti-inflammatory effects, but even more so to rebuild the collagen in my skin.

If I’m headed out for the evening, I’ll slap on a bit of the RMS "un" cover-up around my eyes, nostrils, and chin. I also rub in a few dabs of their lip2cheek in Demure on the apple of my cheeks. Then it's W3LL PEOPLE Expressionist Mascara, finished with a bit of RMS eye polish in Lunar as a luminizer/highlighter.

11 p.m.: Bedtime

My last little beauty bit before retiring every night is to pop two ReserveAge Collagen Booster pills (they contain hyaluronic acid and resveratrol, and I've found them to be noticeably and shockingly effective!).

Then I’ll have a little conversation with the universe in which I express my gratitude for this insanely amazing life I lead. This is my own time to perform my personal manifestation ritual and then drift deeply into sleep, the most beautifying remedy of all.

Photos by Jamie Arrigo

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Lacy Philips

Lacy Phillips is a high-profile holistic chef, herbalist, and manifestation guide that resides in the Echo Park hills of Los Angeles. She is also the founder of FREE NATIVE, a modern journal for holistic living.