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Bobbi Brown's Application Method That Changed How My Concealer Looked For Good

Image by Hernandez & Sorokina / Stocksy
June 29, 2022
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The hunt for the perfect concealer is only half the battle of achieving smooth, clump-free under-eye coverage. Even if you're using the best concealer on the market, how you apply that product can make all the difference.

While there is no definitive right or wrong when it comes to makeup, there are some application methods that will change the way makeup sits on your skin for the better. 

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Why I started using my fingers to blend my makeup.

Unfortunately, I'm very familiar with the concept of clumpy concealer. By this I mean any concealer (no matter how great the product is), settling into creases and balling up throughout the day. 

While I thought using a beauty sponge and setting powder was the best way to rid this pattern, I was mistaken. And, honestly, most beauty influencers will have you believing that sponges are the be-all and end-all of makeup application.

Certainly, those little sponges come in handy, but there's actually a much easier method that also comes in, uh well, handy.

It wasn't until I saw makeup legend Bobbi Brown using an entirely different approach that I considered switching it up. On TikTok, Brown used her fingers (yes, that's it), to blend in her concealer.

After trying out my own built-in makeup tools I can attest—fingers are the way to go when it comes to achieving smooth, lasting under-eye concealer. 

This method works because the body heat from your fingers warms up the product. Once the product is warm, it will melt into the skin rather than lying on top of it. When your concealer is worked into the skin, it's less likely to slip around, crease, or ball up. 

When you use your fingers rather than a brush or sponge, you should start with less product. Because you may be used to your blending tools soaking up part of the product you've applied, you may need a bit less than you'd typically use—which is just another reason this method is so great.

Here's another tip:

If you wash your hands before applying your makeup (which you should!) go ahead and rub your hands together a few times after your wash to rewarm your fingers before blending. 
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The takeaway. 

While finding your holy-grail concealer is certainly a journey, so is finding the best method to apply that product. Bobbi Brown shared her go-to method of using fingers to blend concealer, and after trying it out myself, I'm never going back. This method could be your key to unlocking the perfect no-makeup makeup look.

Hannah Frye
Hannah Frye
mbg Assistant Beauty Editor

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