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9 Tricks To Eat Healthier (No Matter How Busy You Are)

Molly Patrick
July 19, 2014
Molly Patrick
mbg Food Contributor
By Molly Patrick
mbg Food Contributor
Molly Patrick is a recipe developer with an expertise in plant-based diets and the co-founder of Clean Food Dirty Girl.
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July 19, 2014

Whatever diet you follow, these nine tactical tips will supercharge it and give you a huge nutrient boost. Paleo, vegan. gluten-free, local — whatever you are, these strategies will work to clean up the way you eat!

While we may not have the same opinions about what to eat, here are nine things that everyone can agree on.

1. The next time you make a sandwich, skip the mayo and spread on avocado instead.

Avocados have lots of health benefits, especially when you compare it with mayo (even vegan mayo).

2. Buy sprouted grain bread instead of regular wheat bread.

If you don’t have a wheat sensitivity, sprouted bread is awesome. It’s less processed, you get the nutrients from the grains, and it’s easier to digest.

3. Swap brown rice or quinoa pasta for regular wheat pasta.

It’s easier to digest and you won’t feel bloated after you eat.

4. Use blanched collard leaves in place of bread or tortillas.

Cut out the thick part of the stems (save them for smoothies or juices), place the leaves in simmering water for 30 seconds, take them out, and then run cold water over them. Pat them dry with a clean kitchen towel, and store in the fridge for up to three days.

Put your sandwich or burrito fixings in the leaves and wrap or roll it up.

5. Skip the store-bought cheese (vegan or not).

Swap it out for homemade cashew cheese. It’s less processed, and you can control how much salt you add.

6. Embrace the joy of batch cooking.

Set aside a couple hours on Sunday and prep your food for the week. Make a batch of beans, a couple kinds of grains, a salad dressing, and a soup to make eating throughout the week less of a production, and more realistic.

7. Prep your greens right away.

When you buy romaine, spinach, collards, kale, or any other greens, wash them, dry them, and put them in the fridge directly after you get home from the store. This will make reaching for greens super easy because they’re already prepped.

8. Don't toss out the little bits and pieces.

When you have bits and pieces of veggies and fruit that you can’t use for anything else, don’t toss them out. Instead, use them in your smoothies or juices.

9. Sneak in those greens.

When you heat up soup, chowder, stew (or anything hot, really), thinly slice some leafy greens (kale, mustard greens, collards and chard are all great choices), and place them in the bottom of your bowl (or plate) and dish your hot food over them. The heat from your food will warm the greens perfectly, and you will get a huge health boost.

What are your favorite healthy hacks?

Tell us in the comments below!

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Molly Patrick
mbg Food Contributor

Molly Patrick is the co-founder of Molly's expertise used to be drinking red wine and is now on the Whole Food Plant Based diet. She guides people on their journey of changing what, how and why they eat in a way that sticks. Losing weight, getting off from medication and falling in love with life is just a taste of what Molly has to offer.