3 Running Lessons From A Full-Time Yogi

Since I injured my shoulder diving in July, I have not been able to do as much yoga asana as I would like, or am used to. As a result, I have begun to run again, averaging 30 miles a week. Am I getting the same high I used to from it? Not quite, now that I know the yoga high. But given that running was my life force for 20 years, it isn't so bad either.

That said, I am noticing that the rules of the road are not that clear these days, making it less pleasant to saunter in your kicks... Here are some yoga tips to make your run better.

1. Breathe like you're in a yoga class. 

Ujjai breath is not just for the mat. It's for the streets, the desk, and your run. Try running with ujjai breath through your nose, steady and strong inhale and exhales. It will enhance your lung capacity and thus endurance.

2. Take karma with you.

Be nice to people on the road! Make room for people to pass, let children and mothers squeeze by, and don’t hog the road. Will prime you for a better run going forward.

3. Make sure you recover. 

Running is fun, but brutal for the bod. Three Sun Salutes, a forward bend, and an inversion can make help your body repair after you run, in less than minutes. Or you can try one of our at-home runners classes.

4. Tie your shoe laces! 

Photo Credit: Shutterstock.com