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5 Rules For The Spiritually Empowered Woman

Tara Mullarkey
Written by Tara Mullarkey

Being spiritually connected is the key to all happiness and abundance.

When we are connected to Spirit, we listen and we trust. When we are connected to Spirit, we know our value. When we are connected to Spirit, magic happens and prosperity flows.

I believe that women are leading our future. And spiritual women are ahead. They are "tapped in" and using their innate gifts to serve the world.

These women are not concerned with getting ahead at the detriment of others. They can't do jobs "just for the money."

They can't take unconscious advantage of the Earth's natural resources and her inhabitants.

This is the old way.

The new way is feminine.

It is full of collaboration, community, creativity, fostering, and supporting one another. It's rewarding and wildly prosperous.

Here are 5 tips to living as a spiritually empowered woman:

1. Think less, feel more. 

Your body always knows the truth. Tap into your femininity, intuition, softness, gut feelings, nurturing essence. Use yoga and meditation to drop the seat of your awareness from your head to your heart. Nurture yourself with massages, hot baths, and healthy meals.

Your body is where the deepest part of your essence lives. This is when inspired thought gives you chills, when you feel more free to trust yourself, where courage comes from.

2. Start where you are. 

Not after the next course, book, or six figures. Now. Live your dream life, now. Question that voice that says “I'm not ready yet.” If you don't love your work, no amount of money will make you love it.

You have a unique purpose here on earth. This is your passion and service to the world. Do what you love, NOW. The world needs the gifts that only YOU have. No matter what it is, you'll be a magnet for abundance because you'll raise your energetic vibration through living in alignment with your Spirit.

3. Be committed to live with awareness. 

Be open, willing, forgiving. Live with prayer, reverence, and love. Set intentions daily that re-affirm your deepest commitment to live a spiritually infused life. Create daily rituals that reinforce and ignite your spirit. Get to know your thoughts and beliefs, those separate from your family, friends and partner. Challenge your fearful and limited beliefs. Consciously release the past. Use daily affirmations to transform old patterns and create new positive and love-based beliefs. Be willing and open to ask for guidance from your angels and Higher Self.

4. Create community. 

Align with like-minded souls who nurture, inspire, encourage, support, and keep you accountable. Hire a mentor or coach. Join a women's circle or mastermind group. Attend community events at your yoga studio. Uplift and empower other women. Spiritually empowered women see other women's success and beauty as proof of their own possibility.

5. Be bold. Take risks.

Step out of your comfort zone. Don't wait to be praised, discovered, or validated. If you want to create your dream life, you'll need to have the courage to do things differently than 99% of the world. Don't worry about what other people think. Clear your path by walking it courageously.

Spiritually empowered women are living fully in the present moment. They have learned to love themselves without judgement. They surrender their desires and thoughts to God and reunite with the love essence that is always within. They share, serve, and smile and the Universe rewards them for it.

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