The World As We Know It Is Ending

Written by Hayley Hobson

A few weeks ago, I was listening to astrologer Ophira Edut describe the difference between the world as we know it in 3D and the world that is opening up before our eyes in its new 4D form.

She explained how our 3D world of 2012 was based upon what we could measure and quantify. It was based on our five senses: seeing, hearing, smelling, feeling and tasting.

Our post-modern 4D world however, is based on much more than we can calculate. It's energy. Miracles. What's happening around us that we can't explain. Our ability to tap into our intuition and greater awareness. Major shifts in our collective consciousness.

Our 2013 world asks us to wake up. It asks us to be creators, rather than waiting around for something to happen. It means going out and getting what we want. Making it happen. We have all the power when we are able to tune into our energetic fields.

You may be asking what you can do to prepare to make these changes happen. Don't worry, I've got a few tools for you so that you can prepare and thrive in our new 2013 world.

Oneness not Separateness. Not competing but helping each other be competitive. Allow for our collectiveness to help us thrive.

Movement. Dance. Run. Play. Whatever it is that gets you in the zone and is able to shift your level of awareness.

Spirituality. And this does not mean you have to sit on a cushion and OM if that's not your thing. Spirituality can be taking a walk with your dog and tuning into the word as it presents it you in that exact moment.

Self Study. Take a workshop. Sign up for a class. Wherever you are, go deeper.

Co-creating. We are always in relationships with others whether we realize it or not. We need to use this to our advantage and collaborate. Join forces. Share. Create a sense of community. Pot lucks. Ride shares. Affiliate partners. Allow our collective juices to flow!

Are you ready for your best end of the world as you know it? :-)

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