The Self Manifesto: A Reminder About What's Important

Dear Self,

Thank you for taking the time to make sure that I am clean, fed, dressed and housed. It feels good to know that you care about my physical presence and safety. The exercise you engage in is often tiresome but afterwards I know the work makes me feel better. I appreciate the time you spend selecting nice clothes for me to wear. You make me smell nice, decorate me with jewelry and make sure my hair is stylish. The music I get to listen to as well as the shows and movies I watch entertain me. The time I spend in school provides me with a valuable education. My family and friends continue to amaze me. I have a good life.

But I have one small favor to ask. Could you please be more selfish?

I am not done growing. My body, mind and spirit need more nourishment. Yes, some days you are tired and I understand. Some days are challenging at work. Life is hard. Life is difficult. Events are out of your control. I know your heart aches at times but I need more. On some days, during those dark moments hope seems lost. I understand and accept that. But please realize that I need you to be more selfish.

I need more so I can stretch my imagination. I need more to make sure my physical self can handle what is around the corner. And I need more to make sure my mind continues to think about new ideas. Show me that action and thought are the mechanisms of change. Put me in new situations. Introduce me to people who are different. Help me understand that anything is possible. I need you to be more selfish.

My friends and family need me. I need you. Push me further. Improve my habits. Challenge me to dream so many dreams that I need two lifetimes to achieve them. Make sure I get uncomfortable. Spend more time on me so I can in turn spend more time on others. Put me in the center of your universe so I can grow in ways I never thought possible. Doing so will allow me to return the favor and help others do the same. I need you to be more selfish.

With each passing day I edge closer to the end. It is inevitable. Until that time comes please continue to be selfish. My life depends on it.

Your Self

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