Why You Should Let Go and Surrender!

Written by Nitika Chopra
Why You Should Let Go and Surrender!

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I have been going through something recently that has brought me an incredible amount of stress, sleepless nights, anxiety and more. Every time I would get an email or phone call from a particular person I literally couldn't sleep all night or I would be constantly looking at my phone to just make sure nothing had gone wrong since the last time this person emailed me. Have you ever been in a situation like that? Where you are so ruled by another persons actions towards you that it becomes unhealthy? Well I have, and although I consider myself to be a pretty evolved and transformed being I have my moments of weakness, particularly when the person is very important to me. So after months of dealing with this, I have decided to surrender. OMG. YES! I need to surrender. Why do I need to surrender? Because my heart needs to not feel constricted, my mind needs to not hurt from intense tension and if I don't surrender I am certain I will be blocking every positive and blessed thing that tries to enter my life.

There is beauty in surrender. You want to feel clearer, freer and you surrender to let love in. Surrendering unblocks passages. It re-routes us on the path of love because it is through our releasing that places our faith back into love instead of fear. You are not giving up, or causing the situation to mean nothing, you are releasing control. You are literally weighing your options to see if something makes you feel heavy or light.

I believe that whatever we place our attention on, grows. Whether or not it’s something negative or positive. Placing all of your attention on whether or not that person is going to call produces more of that heavy feeling. More anxiety. Try placing your attention on the need to feel calm and free, this will lead you towards a deep surrender.

So, for a moment, stop where you are. Take a deep breath. How do you feel? Paying attention to every feeling brought about in the current situation, can you see what specifically seems to be weighing you down? Did a feeling automatically come up just by bringing attention to yourself? Sit with those feelings and decide whether they make you feel heavier or lighter.

Now, I want you to explore a little bit further. It’s important to get in touch with your true self, to honor yourself, your thoughts and your feelings. Uncover those heavier feelings or thoughts and ask yourself why you need to surrender them. Is it to be more at ease? is it to feel healthier? You are in the drivers seat, what is it you wish to take let go of? By asking yourself these questions I am certain you will also be uncovering side effects that you weren’t even aware of from your situation!

This is your declaration. You are fully surrendering to the current situation, releasing control and allowing it to be. You’ve reached the peak of uncertainty and although it may feel scary, you feel lighter. What a load off, right? Blessing, prayers or any good words can be sent off with your surrender. And with surrendering comes much peace of mind, better health and more colorful days.

Your life is what you make it. It is your collection of thoughts, words and actions. Let today be the day to breathe in life.

We hear people mention surrendering all the time and how important it is, but I invite you to get grounded in WHY you need to surrender. I believe once you do that, the actual act of surrendering will happen effortlessly. So what do you have going on in your life right now that has a hold on you in a way you wish it didn't? Get honest with yourself about what your life would look like if you were free from that issue and allow yourself to SURRENDER IT!

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