50 Ways to Love Turning 50

Written by Jennifer Boire
50 Ways to Love Turning 50

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Are you or someone you know turning 50 this year? Well, here are fifty ways to love turning 50 :)

  1. Not having to prove yourself – you’ve made it. Freedom 55 is just around the corner.
  2. Commuting in traffic is no longer bearable, so you open a new Home Office.
  3. Even if you don’t know it, you speak with authority.
  4. Re-engage with your creative side – explore what you love: paint, dance, learn to play guitar.
  5. Midlife angst feels like a second adolescence but the zits are temporary!
  6. Menopause! No more birth control...
  7. Sex is liberating – make a date for gourmet sex, alone or with a partner, when you Feel Like it.
  8. Speak your truth; speak up about your wants, you finally don’t give a damn.
  9. You finally know what you want to do when you grow up.
  10. Make friends with your kids – they may still live under your roof till age 30, but you don’t have to do their laundry or their dishes. Enjoy their musical tastes and Rock on!
  11. Do what you want – you’re old enough not to care what the neighbours think. Be eccentric but be you.
  12. You can’t postpone your dreams any longer. Life is suddenly shorter. What will you do with your one wild and precious life?
  13. Reconnect with long lost friends on Facebook.
  14. Flush the friends who bring you down. Life’s too short for negativity.
  15. Stop complaining about stiff joints and join a gym or walk 30 minutes every day.
  16. Mid-life digestive enzymes ain’t what they used to be: go gluten free for one week and watch the results.
  17. You finally allow yourself to read that list of books just for the pleasure of it.
  18. The rat race just caught up with you. The urge to compete is so ‘yesterday’.
  19. Never compare yourself with a 30 year old.
  20. Meaning and purpose: I will not die an unlived life takes on new urgency.
  21. Self-care, you decide that a weekly hair do or pedicure is worth it. You are worth it!
  22. While you’re at it, a weekly massage will relax and recharge your batteries. You can afford it.
  23. That snazzy red sports car? You can afford that too. Ditch the soccer mom van.
  24. Discounts at the gym for 50 - Aqua-cize? Hell no! Zumba all the way.
  25. Not a senior yet – fifteen more years to party like it’s 2012!
  26. Red wine is good for your Heart.
  27. Love your bones. Walking prevents osteoporosis and oxygenates your brain.
  28. Crossword puzzles: go with the Junior variety to begin; prevent memory loss.
  29. Body Image: you can give up trying to be a Hot Babe or Hunk and just love your love handles.
  30. You purposely want to slow down and love your life again, so you make time for rest and naps.
  31. You go to bed early and rise with the sun. No longer need to set the alarm.
  32. You survive on less sleep, somehow. See # 30 and naps.
  33. Your spouse is still your best friend, if you’re still together, that is; you may be lifers.
  34. If you’re single, you polish your heart energy to attract someone on the same wave length.
  35. Youth is wasted on the young. 50-year-olds garner inner wisdom and share it.
  36. You begin to see you have a lot to give back. Enter the Guardian or Wisdom years.
  37. You become Queen of your own life and Master of your Destiny.
  38. True friendships are the ones that stick to you through the years, the ones you find again after that high school reunion, and the brand new ones that pop up at yoga class or Gold’s Gym.
  39. TV loses its appeal; you go to bed with your Kindle to cuddle.
  40. Self-lovin’ with joy toys and lots of giggling.
  41. You are finding your Voice; journal writing attracts you because you are so interesting!
  42. You lose the day job and follow your bliss.
  43. You have no more patience with the status quo. Your restlessness leads you to transform your life into one that suits you and is more authentic.
  44. The call to go within must be heeded – you’ve sown your wild oats – now harvest some inner peace.
  45. You feel the desire to downsize and simplify your life: your closet, your house, your relationships – declutter and feng shui your life.
  46. The second half of your life is coming. You prioritize – what is really essential to you becomes #1 on your list.
  47. "It is only with the heart that one can see rightly, what is essential is invisible to the eye." – Antoine de St-Exupery
  48. You see those around you who are ill and suffering; you don’t take life for granted anymore, you see it as a precious gift.
  49. Throw yourself a big party and celebrate – you made it this far!
  50. Fifty is fabulous! Now turn around and share this with all the other forty-somethings you know who are afraid of turning fifty.

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