The Crystal Rituals That Will Amplify Your Astrological Potential This April (5 Retrogrades & All)

mbg Spirituality Contributor By Heather Askinosie
mbg Spirituality Contributor
Heather Askinosie is an author, a leading influencer on the power of crystals, and founder of Energy Muse Jewelry. For over 26 years, she has been studying the scientific and spiritual aspects of energy.

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In this series, Heather Askinosie, the holistic healer behind Energy Muse, shares her advice on how to harness the power of crystals to fulfill your astrological destiny. She’ll work off monthly forecasts from the AstroTwins, forming one heck of a spiritual duo. Get ready to cleanse that celestite and hold tight to that tourmaline because you’re about to see crystals in a whole new way.

"One step forward, a few steps back." That is the choreography of The AstroTwins' retrograde-riddled April forecast. With five planets going into retrograde, the pace of this month seems tricky to navigate.

With black tourmaline as your dance partner, you should avoid stepping on any toes. This stone can help you remember to slow down and enjoy the music, especially when you get the urge to start something new. Holding a black tourmaline welcomes self-reflection, and it reminds you that retrograde is never the best time to start new projects. Instead, tame the fire with contemplation. Use this time to think about what's been holding you back in life. Rather than trying to force things to happen, save yourself the exhausting (and often futile) effort, and take some time for yourself.

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Jupiter Retrograde (February 6 to June 9) and Venus Retrograde (March 4 to April 15)

As Jupiter and Venus, both known for their positive, uplifting energies, go into retrograde, they'll start to lose their positive shine. That’s when you'll want to hold your Stilbite close. Stilbite's name comes from the Greek word, "to shine," and that's exactly what this crystal urges you to do. The lends an almost paternal support, and it's filled with unconditional love and emotional grounding that can help you navigate these rocky waters.

Another way to deal with this retrograde-heavy period is to remember what you truly value in life. When it feels like everything is thrown out of whack, you can tap into the stability of raw aquamarine for grounding. Its energy will keep you from overbooking yourself and remind you to make time for the simple joys that light you up. A fluid existence, rather than a rigid one, will prove healthier for the mind and spirit. The more you focus on how things should be done, the more you miss of life's beauty. Working with the high-vibe powers of aquamarine washes away negativity, purifies the aura, and aligns all chakras for a smooth energetic flow. Its connection to the throat and third-eye chakras will reduce stress, increase intuitive powers, and raise your consciousness so you can tap into the beauty all around you.

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Mercury Retrograde (April 9 to May 3), Saturn Retrograde (April 5 to August 25) and Pluto Retrograde (April 20 to September 28)

If you feel the foundations you've built areas of your life on starting to shake beneath your feet, you may want to use morganite to help strengthen the most important foundation of all: love. Where love exists, harmony, happiness, and security can thrive. Morganite strengthens your own sense of love and helps you bolster the feeling of love and security in others.

Often, when we start to feel the shakes of retrograde affecting our life, we stop trying to pursue anything at all for fear of it all going up in flames. Don't let the fear of retrograde keep you from finishing the projects you've already started. Use a quartz crystal point to become crystal clear on your goals so you can tie together loose ends and handle any unfinished business. You can also adopt the reflective nature of pyrite as you peer into the mirror of your soul. Ask yourself what you need to see. Be honest. In forcing you to confront your deepest fears with an energy of positivity and confidence, Pyrite will also drive you to overcome the self-imposed blocks keeping you from success and greatness.

There really isn't anything to fear about retrograde, even when there are multiple retrogrades happening at once. With a dose of caution, and a double dose of self-reflection, you have the recipe to master this month!

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