7 Things You Need To Know Today (March 24)

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7 Things You Need To Know Today (March 24)

1. Moderate drinking has been shown to lower the risk of eight major heart ailments.

U.K. researchers analyzed the link between alcohol consumption and 12 different heart ailments. Non-drinkers showed an increased risk for eight of the heart ailments—including heart attack, stroke, and sudden heart-related death, as compared to those who drank moderately (one glass of wine per day for women, two glasses for men). (TIME)

2. Lena Dunham's beauty secret surprised us.

Dunham's painfully hilarious saga taming her eyebrows has brought her to her current obsession: microblading. Describing the treatment as, "a semipermanent tattoo where small amounts of pigment are placed under the skin using a sharp and flat handheld tool," Dunham thanks it for the picture-perfect brows she's been rocking. (Vogue)


3. Here's a mental upside to living in a city.

Living in a city can be exhausting at times, but a new study found that living in a city can help you take a "longer view" of life, meaning you're less focused on the immediate and more future-focused. This could be because population density forces people to compete for resources, meaning they're more likely to invest in education and put more attention to detail into raising children. (Science Of Us)

4. There's an unexpected reason to go on a retreat this year.

New research from Thomas Jefferson University showed that after a seven-day spiritual retreat, participants showed measurable changes in dopamine and serotonin systems of the brain. They also showed improvements in their physical health, tension, and fatigue—excuse us while we pack out bags. (Science Daily)

5. Could you have skinny jeans-related back pain?

A new British study found that oversize bags, hooded coats, backless shoes, and yes, skinny jeans, can all contribute to back pain. You don't have to give them up entirely, but the British Chiropractic Association recommends switching up your wardrobe to avoid repetitive injury. (Teen Vogue)


6. Is global warming to blame for your diabetes?

It's already responsible for the increased prevalence of Lyme disease and the rapid spread of Zika; now, we can blame global warming for growing type 2 diabetes rates as well. "When it gets warmer, there is higher incidence of diabetes," the study's co-author said. "It's important to realize global warming has further effects on our health, not only on the climate." (Huffington Post)

7. Alaskan ecosystems are in danger as hunting and game laws shift.

A new bill repealing a hunting law that protected predatory animals in Alaska was signed yesterday—meaning that predators like bears and wolves can be hunted as game again. This type of change disempowers Alaska to regulate its fish and wildlife and could ultimately disruptive to the environment. (NPR)

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