7 Things You Need To Know Today (March 17)

Former mbg Deputy Editor By Elizabeth Inglese
Former mbg Deputy Editor
Elizabeth Inglese is a writer living in San Fransisco, California. She earned her bachelor’s in english literature and cultures from Brown University and her master's in writing from The University of Southern California. She's the former Deputy Editor of mbg, and has also worked for Vogue, Architectural Digest, Bon Appetit, and Good Magazine covering food, health, and culture.
7 Things You Need To Know Today (March 17)

1. Ever wonder why green is the color of St. Patricks Day... and everything Irish?

At mindbodygreen, we thought it might be because of Ireland's extensive and natural lush green landscape. Wrong. Turns out, Catholics wore green during seventeenth century war when battling the English crown to reclaim their land solidifying the color, and it resurfaced in the eighteen century with the green-clad Society of United Irishmen. This group brought republican ideals to Ireland modeled after the French and American revolutions. The green runs deep. (TIME)

2. You might want to start thinking twice before you say "I'm busy."

If you've been using business as an excuse to not see your friends and family, consider this: Between the years of 2000 and 2016, it was the second-most common type of brag in family holiday cards. So not only will people probably not feel any sympathy for your busy schedule, but they'll take it as a sign that you're not interested in making time for them. Enough with the excuses! (WSJ)


3. This company is taking meatless in a totally new direction.

A Silicon Valley-based food tech company just announced that it's created the first meatless chicken tenders. They are made from self-reproducing cells that taste just like chicken—with no actual chickens required. The company (called Memphis Meats) says they should be on the market by 2021. (QUARTZ)

4. The U.S. women's hockey team might boycott the IIHF World Championships.

The defending World Championship team is threatening to skip training and boycott the events altogether if their wages and benefits aren't improved. Captain Meghan Duggan is quoted as saying, "We are asking for a living wage and for USA Hockey to fully support its programs for women and girls and stop treating us like an afterthought." (Deadspin)

5. The Great Barrier Reef is disappearing before our eyes.

A recent study found that a huge portion of the reef—up to two-thirds—have died from coral bleaching spurred from increased water temperatures. “Climate change is not a future threat,” said study director Terry P. Hughes. “On the Great Barrier Reef, it’s been happening for 18 years.” (NYT)


6. The thing that inspired Seth Meyers to get into wellness.

Becoming a new dad galvanized Seth Meyers' health journey, which now includes dandelion coffee, cupping and spinning (but only for a good cause!). (The Cut)

7. Hopkins-led study finds the pill safe without prescription—even for teens.

A new study could fuel ongoing efforts to allow women to get birth control pills without seeing a doctor. Bills pending in each house of the Maryland General Assembly would allow pharmacists to prescribe contraceptives. The study led by researchers at Johns Hopkins' School of Medicine found that oral contraceptives can be sold safely over the counter to all women, including teens. (NPR)

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