This Week Is All About Taking Action. Here's Your Angel Card Reading For The Next 7 Days

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If you, like us, are all about getting a little mystical from time to time, we’ve got something to add to your high-vibe repertoire: Angel Cards. Slightly different from tarot, these cards depict powerful spiritual leaders of times come and gone and apply their insights to life here on earth. Here, David Piazza, a popular Angel Card reader on the NYC wellness scene, shares what the deck says about the week of March 6 to 12.

In the midst of this complex, sometimes difficult human experience, angels and spirits of all kinds exist to give us the clarity, purpose, and hope we need to head in the right direction. Angel Cards work as a direct phone line to these guides. Anyone can learn from the valuable insights that they hold in their gorgeous imagery, and their innate wisdom is truly universal. Here we will turn to The Ascended Masters, a deck by Doreen Virtue, to receive helpful insights into the next seven days.

Monday & Tuesday: Moses

Card 1, which speaks to Monday and Tuesday of this week, depicts Moses—the powerful leader.

If last week was focused on self-care and intuition, then this week is all about fully stepping into action! It's time for us to stand in our power, use our voices, and trust in our highest good. This card embodies the true meaning of manifesting miracles through courage.

We are graced with Moses' mighty presence at the start of this week as he encourages us to rise up, take leadership positions, and move toward all that we yearn to accomplish. Whether we are called to take action in our careers, at home, or in our personal lives, it is important that we become crystal clear on our intentions. Let us stand in our integrity and power as we take charge.

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Wednesday & Thursday: Mahachohan Ragoczy

Card 2, which speaks to Wednesday and Thursday of this week, depicts Mahachohan Ragoczy—the teacher.

Mahachohan Racoczy is the true definition of a spiritual master. Often appearing in my readings to guide people toward their calling as teachers and healers, Ragoczy appears in the middle of this week to help us gain a deeper understanding of the lessons coming at us.

The energy of Moses told us to shake the foundation beneath us, bringing about powerful and exciting change but also many challenges. We are reminded that our current situation is paving the way for bountiful blessings and opportunities for personal growth and development. Nothing is happening to us; everything is happening for us.

As we continue to courageously walk forward in our journey and accept the lessons as we go, old patterns can drop away and miraculous new experiences can continue to unfold. We all must surrender and experience life as our teacher.

Friday & The Weekend: Quan Yin

Card 3, which speaks to Friday and this weekend, depicts Quan Yin—the healing goddess.

This week, we were called to be brave warriors. We marched into the battlefield, took charge, and reaped the rewards. The graceful and healing goddess of compassion, Quan Yin, now visits us to declare it's time to soften and release what is no longer needed. Every warrior must ultimately rest and let go in order to maintain his or her strength, power, and clarity.

As we continue to take action in our lives, we must be careful not to put too much pressure on others or ourselves. Quan Yin gently encourages us to hand any fears, doubts, or frustrations over to spirit. It is time to allow the universe to take charge. This weekend, let us find ways to experience and express compassion and forgiveness for ourselves and all of the other mighty warriors out there. After all, we're all in this together.

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