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6 Things You Need To Know Today (January 31)

Liz Moody
Contributing Food Editor By Liz Moody
Contributing Food Editor
Liz Moody is a food editor, recipe developer and green smoothie enthusiast. She received her creative writing and psychology degree from The University of California, Berkeley. Moody is the author of two cookbooks: Healthier Together and Glow Pops and the host of the Healthier Together podcast.
6 Things You Need To Know Today (January 31)

1. France fights obesity by banning soda refills.

The new law, implemented this past Friday, means that restaurants, school cafeterias, and hotels will no longer be able to offer self-service soda fountains. While the obesity rate in France is relatively low (41 percent of women and 57 percent of men ages 30 to 60 are obese or overweight), the country is aiming to bring those numbers down through legislative measures. (Time)

2. Spinning for...super powers? New research shows you're actually smarter after your workout.

Turns out a little sweat sesh is nothing short of magic. Researchers found that post-workout, your mind produces less GABA, an acid that inhibits neuroplasticity, making your brain more flexible and sharpening your mental ability. (Science of Us)


3. Meditation changes how you see yourself.

According to new research published in the journal Biological Psychology, practicing mindful meditation leads to decreased activation in the areas of the brain that cause us to ruminate. As a result, we perceive ourselves in a healthier, more present-moment way. "[This also] means that already in untrained individuals, short periods of mindful self-awareness are possible and offer the potential to enter a healthy self-perception state," study author Jacqueline Lutz says. (PsyPost)

4. A good reminder that natural doesn't necessarily mean safe.

While we're big on stocking our natural medicine cabinet, it's good to remind ourselves that even natural alternatives can be dangerous if not used properly. On Friday, the FDA issued a warning about homeopathic teething tablets that contain dangerous amounts of belladonna, and may be responsible for the deaths of ten children. With plenty of natural ways to soothe teething pains, it might be good to consider an alternative. (Popular Science)

5. The doctor is ready chat with you now?

A recent survey found that 2/3 of Americans would be willing to see a doctor over video, and 1/3 of people would actually prefer it to in-person visits, citing things like ease of visiting and lack of time. With only 5%-6% of primary care physicians offering tele-health as an option, this may soon be a way of distinguishing one practice over another. While face-to-face medicine is always preferable, a doctor involved in the study noted that video chat is it's own type of face-to-face, with doctors able to see and analyze symptoms. Welcome to the future. (Forbes)


6. The universe might be holographic, and our minds are blown.

A new study published in Physical Review Letters presents the first observational evidence that our universe could be a vast and complex holograph. This means that our 3-D reality (including everything we see, feel, hear, and our perception of time) is actually contained in a 2-D field on its boundaries. (Science Daily)

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