Ayesha Curry's 5 Tips for Eating Healthy On The Go

As a working mother, no week is quite the same. From packing school lunches and taking care of my beautiful girls to Stephen's game schedule to working on my blog, recipe development and TV show, our family has a hectic schedule to say the least. I often hear people say that they strive for work-life balance. To be honest, I question if balance actually exists. Instead, I try to focus on my own state of happy. Happiness to me is being surrounded by my loved ones and following my own passions and dreams.

Personally, I try to make those worlds collide. For example, even though my daughters are only 1½ and 4 years old, I try to instill kitchen confidence in them. They'll help me out when I cook. For all people, getting into the kitchen and making dinner is half the battle. I try to teach my girls that we can have fun and you can strengthen relationships through cooking together. I let them get their hands dirty and give everything a try from mixing ingredients to cracking an egg. It's all a fun learning experience. While they aren't at the age yet where we talk explicitly about what is a healthy food and what is not a healthy food, I aim to teach through my action. On a good week, I strive to cook dinner for our family four times a week. Obviously sometimes we hit road bumps and a meeting or a game may pop up that prevents this from happening. However, this family time is so important to me. Lately, as a family, Stephen and I have also made it a priority to unplug. We are all so connected on our phones these days. With my email on my phone, someone could reach me at any time. However, we've decided to dedicate our family time to unplugging and enjoying each other.

While I love to cook and nothing says comfort food more than my mom's brown sugar chicken, I'm also realistic that I may not always have time to make breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Because of this, I've come up with a few hacks that help me to still eat healthy on the go.

If I've learned anything, the secret is you are never going to feel like you've got it together, and that's perfectly OK. Putting things into perspective keeps me moving and allows me to spend less time stressing and more time focusing on the things that make you happy and are putting good energy into the world.

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